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Celebrate Heavenly Lover in Audio! #Giveaway Time!

Heavenly Lover, book 1 in The Guardian Angels Series is now available from Audible!  

About Heavenly Lover: 

Claire, an unconventional Guardian angel sent to save a sexy Brazilian-born painter from killing himself, discovers Daniel has been preyed upon by a powerful dark angel posing as his best friend and agent. Although successful in saving Daniel’s life, Claire is in danger of losing her own when attraction to her handsome charge blooms into a forbidden love.

The dark angel offers her what she’s only dared to dream about—an eternity with Daniel. Will she sacrifice her soul, or sacrifice a lifetime with a man she knows she was created to love?

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To celebrate the very first Guardian Angel book in audio format, it's giveaway time!  This giveaway is for a box of books (various authors), swag (various authors), and all kinds of reader-ific goodies (not all goodies are pictured, items kept getting added to the box…)!
 The giveaway is open from now through August 31 and is open to US only (sorry, shipping restraints).  Must be 18 to enter.  To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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New Trailer for Heavenly Lover by Sharon Hamilton

Heavenly Lover, book 1 in The Guardians Series has a brand new trailer!

About Heavenly Lover:

Claire, an unconventional Guardian angel sent to save a sexy Brazilian-born painter from killing himself, discovers Daniel has been preyed upon by a powerful dark angel posing as his best friend and agent. Although successful in saving Daniel’s life, Claire is in danger of losing her own when attraction to her handsome charge blooms into a forbidden love.

The dark angel offers her what she’s only dared to dream about—an eternity with Daniel. Will she sacrifice her soul, or sacrifice a lifetime with a man she knows she was created to love?

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Mortal Bite now in Audiobook!

Mortal Bite

The Golden Vampires of Tuscany #2

Originally published: February 10, 2013

Now in audio format!

Book Summary

Golden Vampire Paolo Monteleone begins raising a son he did not know he fathered, after the murder of the boy's mother. He meets a beautiful human college professor, Carabella Sampson, at a Halloween costume ball. She is an expert on vampire lore, but doesn’t quite believe in their existence. Paolo dresses up as himself: a vampire.

A dark coven leader has targeted her for elimination, before she can reveal secrets of the Golden Vampire lineage she's obtained from an ancient book. Can there be a happily ever after if either his lover or his young son has to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Golden Vampire race? And how in the world will Paolo be able to choose which one to save?

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Mortal Bite

Mortal Bite

The Golden Vampires of Tuscany #2

Published: February 10, 2013Genre: Paranormal RomancePrint Length: 257 PagesFormats: Print, Ebook, AudioBook Summary

Golden Vampire Paolo Monteleone begins raising a son he did not know he fathered, after the murder of the boy's mother. He meets a beautiful human college professor, Carabella Sampson, at a Halloween costume ball. She is an expert on vampire lore, but doesn’t quite believe in their existence. Paolo dresses up as himself: a vampire.

A dark coven leader has targeted her for elimination, before she can reveal secrets of the Golden Vampire lineage she's obtained from an ancient book. Can there be a happily ever after if either his lover or his young son has to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Golden Vampire race? And how in the world will Paolo be able to choose which one to save?

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“Your food, Carabella,” Paolo said as he leaned very close and whispered in her ear. The feel of his warm breath on the side of her face brought her gently out of her trance. One hand rested on her shoulder, and the other offered a plate of crisp romaine covered in slices of chicken breast and grated Romano cheese.He sat across from her and raised his wineglass. She raised her iced tea and sipped, dropping her eyes. But he did not.“You aren’t eating?” she said.“My schedule’s been hectic. I ate something earlier. Sorry.”

She shrugged her shoulders and breathed in deeply to gather herself. She picked up her fork and began to dig into the salad. He was leaning back, tipping the wooden chair, and smiling right at her.

“Have we met before?” she asked between bites.

Whatever are you doing? Where did that come from?

“No. I think I would have remembered.” After a brief pause, he added, “Why do you ask?”

“It’s just the way you…I don’t know. You act like you know me. Like there’s some joke I’m not privy to.”

His face dropped the smile and he adopted a serious tone. “I’m not joking with you. And I’m sorry if I make you feel…uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s just me. I spook easily.”

“No doubt due to the dark creatures you study all the time.”

Cara had to agree he was right. “My friends say I find conspiracies behind every corner, mysteries everywhere. Drives them crazy sometimes.”

“But it’s what you love.”

It was a strange thing to say, but again he was right.

He leaned forward, resting his elbow on the table, and continued. “Studying mythology and symbolism makes you seek out and notice the unexpected, and things that can’t be explained easily.”

“Like vampires.”


“But you don’t believe they exist.”

“God, no.” Her hunger evaporated. “I’m going to take this home and have it for dinner.” She got up and requested a take-home box. After the server left she transferred most of her salad to the cardboard carton. “I’m more thirsty than hungry right now for some reason.”

He nodded.

Cara drank some of her iced tea and crunched on the ice chips. Placing the box and her plate to the side, she leaned onto the table and asked him, “So, what did you think of the ball?”

“It was wonderful. The first one I’ve been to in many years. I’ve missed them. The costumes were…over the top.”

Cara laughed, thinking about some of the outfits. “I’d say you have a fondness for little green faeries.”

“I admit to it,” he said with his hand to his heart. He leaned toward her. “But my fondness for angels is unequaled.”

Cara could feel the blush coming on, and suspected the top of her chest was covered with blotchy red marks. The centers of his eyes took on an iridescent coppery glow, as if small bonfires resided there. He dropped his eyes to her heaving chest and she allowed herself to be admired. When their eyes connected again, something was understood between them.

What is this?

“I’d like to hear about your studies, Cara. May I call you Cara?”

“Please. Well, I became interested in the myth of the vampire because of the symbolism. They represent the ultimate alpha male figure. Strong. All-powerful. Dominant and controlling. Immortal. The ultimate bad boy you wouldn’t want to bring home to meet your mother.”

“Interesting. Go on.”

“Women read romance novels today because they are looking for the hero in their fantasy life they would never find in real life.”

“And you think that’s wrong?”

“Of course not. I read romance novels all the time, especially paranormal romance, with vampire heroes.”

“For pleasure?”


“And so you began studying them?”

“Well, no. I am new to reading romance. Probably a good thing, too, or I would have never made it through college. Hard to tear me away from my favorites.”

“You like your alpha males.”

“Love them.”

“And do you have alpha males in your real life?”

It was a very personal question and it brought her up short. She grabbed for her iced tea, swallowed heavily and averted her eyes. With her forefinger, she traced the beads of vapor on the outside of her glass of tea. He was very still, awaiting an answer.

“I think the answer to that would be no,” she said to the top of her glass.

He squirmed in his chair, recrossing his long legs, tilting slightly back again. “Tell me more.”

“About my studies or about alpha males?”

“Whatever you want to tell me. Tell me something I wouldn’t think to ask you.”

Another strange question. His proximity made it so she couldn’t respond to the alarm bell sounding somewhere. It was like her body wanted to, but couldn’t for some reason.

“I’ve recently discovered some books by a 19th century Scottish theologian and scholar. He claims to have located the first written recordings of vampire myth. He found evidence of stories of raising the dead, giving life. Sort of like what we read about in novels about a turning.”

“Vampires turning humans. Into vampires.”

“Yes. Only this clergyman claims there was a group of people who worshiped and studied these myths shortly after the time of Christ. He wrote that there were people who practiced these black arts, but also practiced what he calls the Divine Coupling. Like there’s some blood mating ritual.”

The smile had erased from Paolo’s face. Cara knew she’d lost him again.

“I’m sorry. You asked me to tell you something I wouldn’t have normally, and I can see this was a mistake.”

He was watching her fingers move up and down her iced tea tumbler. “Couldn’t these texts be explained away as just a healthy curiosity in sex? It has been something men and women have worshiped and studied for centuries,” he finished.

“No. Well, maybe for others, but that’s not why I’m interested in it. If it’s true, he may have stumbled on the secret to immortality.  I don’t think it was about the sex. It was about living forever, and dealing with living forever. What does one do when one lives forever?”

“He drinks port?”

She smiled, glad he wasn’t taking her seriously. It didn’t hurt her feelings in the slightest. “I keep wondering what sex would be like after having a thousand years of it. Maybe the temples were built, the religion of the divine coupling was created, to fill the needs of a bored society. Maybe some of them didn’t want to live forever, and that was a problem for them.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I think they lost their immortality. On purpose. Chose to be mortal. That’s why they and most of the evidence of their civilization disappeared.”


Radio Interviews with Arial Burnz

Sharon Hamilton and JD Hart Speak with Arial Burnz


Sharon Hamilton Speaks With Arial Burnz



Heavenly Lover

Heavenly Lover

Guardian Angel #1

Published December 2013Genre: Paranormal RomanceBook Length: 279 PagesFormat: Ebook, PrintBook Summary: 

Claire, an unconventional Guardian angel sent to save a sexy Brazilian-born painter from killing himself, discovers Daniel has been preyed upon by a powerful dark angel posing as his best friend and agent. Although successful in saving Daniel’s life, Claire is in danger of losing her own when attraction to her handsome charge blooms into a forbidden love.

The dark angel offers her what she’s only dared to dream about—an eternity with Daniel. Will she sacrifice her soul, or sacrifice a lifetime with a man she knows she was created to love?

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Book Trailer

Book Excerpt

Daniel nodded and closed the door. He turned off the lights but left the mess in the living room. He stared at the scene one last time, then shook his head as he climbed the stairs. Claire followed several steps behind, yellow bag over her shoulder. Daniel sighed heavily. He unbuttoned his top while climbing and was bare-chested by the time he approached the last step.

She was startled by a noise downstairs and turned around to see Josh emerging through the front door without opening it. Claire froze. Josh looked first in the corner where she’d been hiding, then around the room, landing his gaze at the bottom of the stairs, ensuring Daniel was out of sight. Josh bowed to the room, looking around afterwards. It was obvious he could not see her.

“Round One goes to the challenger.” He delivered the statement with a smile and disappeared back through the door the way he had come. The thin trail of grey smoke left in his wake smelled faintly of cloves.

Her heart pounded. Everything else was eerily silent.

She focused on the temporary save, pushing away any lingering fear. I told Mother he wouldn’t die tonight.

Anticipation coiled in her stomach and tingled down her spine. She was alone with him now. Time to start her job.

Daniel changed into navy silk pajama bottoms he wore low on his hips, but remained shirtless. He got into bed.

Claire loved the smell of a man’s bedroom when he lived alone—soap, cologne—the personal stuff of a man’s life. This is just the best job in the whole universe.

He lay on his back at first, right arm bent over his head. His long fingers were curled in the palm of his outstretched hand as if he were holding something delicate. A raised blue vein extended from mid forearm all the way to his elbow, snaking across the muscles underneath. He closed his eyes and drifted off to light sleep.

Claire likened these first dream encounters to how an inexperienced young human bride would feel on her wedding night. It was private, this intimate look inside a man’s thoughts to see the secrets of his soul. She never got over the miracle of being inside a dream, exploring the parts of his life. “Rest well, Daniel. I’m here now to help you,” she whispered. “Show yourself to me.”

Startled, she saw a smile on his lips. It soon faded.

He was a delicate balance of beauty and strength, she thought. The moonlight made the well-developed muscles of his shoulders and forearms look like marble. He took good care of his body. She lay down to watch him from the side in the quiet of the night.

No one would ever know about the chaos that occurred this evening, or how close he came to spending eternity in the underworld, his soul lost forever. It made her cold to think of the many files on Mother’s desk. Daniel’s file could have been one of them.

He must be saved. He touches me with magic.

The moon had a crazy effect on humans. It was good they were asleep during its reign. Perhaps it was for protection. Like most Guardians, she preferred the purity and warmth of the sun.

Why not level with these people, tell them Father didn’t run things alone? He was the creator and organizer, but angels were the technicians.

Guardians fix things that are broken.

So the job before her was to inspire Daniel. Her specialty was landscapes screaming with color. She’d done some large purple buildings, turquoise sand and pink snow that looked liked cotton candy. What a delight that he was a painter.

She gently stroked the length of his injured arm, tracing the shallow cuts that crossed a deep blue vein down into the palm of his hand, which suddenly squeezed shut as if to capture her fingers.

Claire sat up at full attention, noticing Daniel stirring. She checked her invisibility. He became fully awake, staring at the ceiling. She cocked her head to the side and watched his sparkling eyes in the moonlight, waiting.


Daniel still felt sick to his stomach. How close he’d come to killing himself, to ending the pain. How stupid he’d been. Yeah, Audray had done a number on him, and his career had crashed, but had that been reason enough to give up on life? He mentally thanked the messed-up alarm system, Josh, and the cops who’d stopped him from self-destructing completely.

Yeah, his life was still messed up, but he’d been given a second chance to fix things. He could let that chance go and finish the job he'd started, or he could continue wallowing in self-pity. Or he could pull himself up by the bootstraps and figure out how to get himself out of this nasty mess. Easier said than done. But maybe the only choice. He thought about how far he'd fallen and how fast the ride had been.

He couldn’t get the picture out of his head: Audray being pumped and pleasured on his green couch by some guy with a really hairy ass. After he’d caught them, he’d been left alone with the painting she loved to look at while being f***ed silly. His painting. Her favorite. He’d had to kill that painting.

As his eyes got heavy, he felt his life unravel before him. It all began the day he met her. He used to call it his lucky day. But now he saw there had always been an edge to her. Something otherworldly. Something dangerous. She was different than all the other women he’d ever loved. He was addicted to her presence. His cock was in a continual state of arousal, harder and fatter than it ever had been. That woman pulled him into doing things way outside his comfort zone. Not that he was afraid of life and its sensual side, but Audray demanded he push past his limits. She was always more than he could afford, emotionally, causing some element of pain along with the pleasure. He was powerless to do anything about it until it was too late. She had him in her claws with every ministration, every sensual pleasure she extracted from him.

Daniel allowed the sleep to overtake him and closed his eyes.

Radio Interviews with Arial Burnz

Sharon Hamilton and JD Hart Speak with Arial Burnz
Sharon Hamilton Speaks With Arial Burnz

Honeymoon Bite

Honeymoon Bite

The Golden Vampires of Tuscany Book 1

Published December 19, 2013Genre: Paranormal RomancePrint Length 223 PagesFormats: Ebook, AudiobookBook Summary:

Anne caught her husband cheating with the maid of Honor before their wedding cake was cut. She decided to take her planned and paid for honeymoon in Tuscany, alone. On the evening of what was to be her wedding night, she gets bitten by a female vampire.

Marcus Monteleone has waited three hundred years to find his fated female, only to discover her dying in his arms. He saves Anne's life by turning her, and then works to gain her trust, to cope with being a newly-formed golden vampire.

But when Anne finds out Marcus has not been completely truthful about his past, she vows to live as a human, and shuns the vampire world. Alone and unprotected, she falls prey to the very villainess who took her human soul, and who now takes the only man she’s ever loved.

Which lover will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other before they both are lost?

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Video Trailer


“Does your husband know about your appetites?” From behind Anne came a gravelly male voice that sent shivers down her spine. The screams of the Starbuck’s espresso machine made her wonder if she’d really heard the voice. But the male scent of him was impossible to miss. The hairs at her neck stood at attention, telegraphing urgency. The urgent sensation extended well beyond her waistline. Time stood still before she could bring herself to turn around and fall under the warm gaze from this tall dark male that covered her. 

Not man. Male. 

He held her gaze as she stood, transfixed, unable to move or to speak. That was the way it felt. Being held. “I’m sorry?” she blurted out finally. 

“Don’t be sorry, my dear. It’s a simple question.” The ends of his lips curled up at the corners. When he inhaled, his chest extended, and he appeared several inches taller. Then he exhaled and she was covered with the same musky scent, incapacitating her, wrapping around her like a warm shroud. It was familiar. 

She heard mournful viola music drip with slides and rifts that pulled on her heartstrings. She felt dizzy. Did she hear him murmur a groan? Or maybe it was a small earthquake? Probably an ordinary person wouldn’t hear or feel it. But she did. 

Anne was on alert; this male took liberties with her feelings. 

What a crazy thought. Ridiculous. 

He leaned forward, grazing just the edge of her forearm with his warm hand. An electric spark pricked her. He leaned against the counter and looked at the barista, not her. “I’ll pay for the lady’s drink.” 

She noticed the strong pulse at his neck. Healthy. Smells wonderful. 

“And what would you like, sir?” The young barista was pert. Anne didn’t like her perfect white teeth. That and the fact the girl’s shirt was made for a ten-year-old, showcasing her pierced bellybutton. 

“I have all I need.” The rumbling words sparked shivers again down Anne’s spine. He said it just next to her ear, barely touching touched the small of her back . . . He was facing the barista, but deep inside Anne knew the words were meant for her ears only. 

“You didn’t have to do that.” Anne suddenly found the urge to speak. 

“My pleasure.” He removed his hand and gave a slight bow. 

A bow? No one had ever done that before. Anne had just fed. She wasn’t hungry enough to play the game this afternoon, having gorged herself on a salesman who liked to eat garlic fries. His blood was thick with fat globules she could almost see as well as taste. But it went down smooth. 

So maybe she would play along. This stranger might be a good candidate for a snack tomorrow. She had never fed twice in one day. She wondered what being too full would feel like in her current state. It would probably make her horny. Well then, maybe she should reconsider. She should do a wet feeding. That way she wouldn’t have to be too careful, could gorge herself on him. He’d be wonderful to look at in the shower, and his hands might do something unexpected to her. Something memorable in a string of unmemorable feedings. 

His hand gently touched the small of her back again, and she allowed herself to be ushered to a corner table, flanked by two purple velvet overstuffed chairs. They sat, facing at right angles to each other. The counter girl called out Anne’s drink. He was up and walking over to pick it up for her before she had a chance to react. 

She watched him cross the coffeehouse like a thirsty traveler eyeing a pitcher of water. He was probably six foot six. His dark hair was pulled back in a short ponytail. His black leather bomber jacket showed his nice ass and those long lanky legs that went all the way to Heaven. Even for his size, he appeared graceful. Unassuming. Confident. And the nicest looking male from behind that she had ever seen. 

And then he turned, holding the little white paper cup with two fingers, the other ones splayed out, large as antlers. She could see how long his fingers were, how substantial. She envisioned what those hands could do to her. But as sexy as he was, he also made her mouth water to feed. 

His prominent jaw line sported blue-black stubble. His strong pulse would be no problem at all, but she would have to bite a little harder to crack the skin. Maybe he would let her take him slowly. Then she could kiss other parts of him in between while his heart pumped more of the blood she craved. His lips were bright red and full. She would enjoy sucking them, licking them. Perhaps biting them. 

His eyes found their way to hers, and when she met his gaze, she became self-conscious of her thoughts, as if she knew somehow he could read her mind. Anne told herself it was her craving for blood that caused the almost sexual attraction for this male. After she fed, surely she wouldn’t feel this way, she thought. 

He delicately deposited the white cup delicately in her hands. One finger touched and almost seemed to rub against hers. She thought she was imagining the touch, of course. Between her legs, a warm pool had formed. It was a curious place to feel hunger, a hunger of another kind. She blushed at her erotic thoughts. 

“You like cappuccino?” He seemed intrigued by the idea. 

“Yes. I need the caffeine in the afternoon.” 

“And here I thought your cheeks were flushed and ripe from a good meal.” Those black eyes peered right to her soul. Almost as an afterthought, he smiled, and the dark became brown, ringed with a coppery color that drew her in. 

I’ll play your game. 

“Yes. After a big meal, I get tired sometimes.” 

He nodded. “I remember that.” 

Anne looked out the window. This was beginning to feel dangerous. She grabbed her drink and stood. He stopped her by placing one hand on her wrist. His action was soft, but deliberate. This male won’t be denied. 

“Please, sit just a little longer. Then I’ll let you go home to your husband.” 

“Go? You’ll let me go? What kind of talk is that? I think . . .” She began to rise again, but his firm grip on her forearm stopped her. 

“Hear me out just a bit.” He did appear to be begging. Could it be she saw a flash of pain there? No way. 

“How do you know I’m married?” she snapped out, letting her impatience show. 

“You wear a wedding ring.” He fingered her ring slowly, sensually. She let him touch her, perhaps a bit too long. She was going to correct his misconception but decided to leave him thinking she was protected by another man. Safer that way. 

But was she looking for safe? 

There was an obvious physical attraction between them. She had not felt this before, not since before she was made. 

“Do I know you?” she asked, ignoring the comment about her marriage. 

“No. Ask it another way.” The huskiness of his voice made her ears buzz, like he was brushing his lips across them, like they were in bed whispering unmentionable things to each other. 

“Do you know me?” Her eyebrows rose at the ridiculous suggestion. 

He very lightly nodded. “Oh, yes. I have waited a long, long time for you.” 

“Okay, that’s it. I’m outta here.” Anne jumped up, her coffee in her hand. She slung her purse over her right shoulder and stormed off. He followed her outside, keeping pace like they were walking in unison. She stopped suddenly. 

“Look. Whoever you are, I will call the police if you don’t leave me alone.” 

“And tell them what?” 

“Tell them there is a very strange male following me, bothering me.” 

He groaned again. The ground beneath her feet rumbled when he did that. “I like that you say male.” 

She backed up, raising her palms up and out in his direction. “Please, please leave me alone.” 

“Agree to meet me here tomorrow at this time and I won’t follow you.” He smiled. “I promise.” He held his hand over his heart. Anne felt a small tug at her own. 

“Alright,” she said, fully intending never to come back to this place again. “Tomorrow at four. But I will call the cops if you don’t stop this, this, way you are being—” 

He grabbed her upper arm and pulled her close his chest. She struggled, but he held her tighter the more she wiggled. The spice on his cheeks was a familiar scent to her and, relaxed her just enough so she wouldn’t collapse entirely being so close to him. He leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Go for now, little one. But as for leaving you alone, there isn’t a chance in Hell that will ever happen. See you tomorrow.” 

And then he was gone. Just gone. Nowhere to be found. She turned around and around and there was no trace of him. No car leaving the parking lot. No door being opened. Just the normal day all around her. 

She was hungry and, scared. She liked feeling both emotions equally. 

She knew it was going to be forever until four o’clock tomorrow. 

A feeding would take up the next hour. Only twenty-three more to go.

Radio Interviews with Arial Burnz

Sharon Hamilton and JD Hart Speak with Arial Burnz


Sharon Hamilton Speaks With Arial Burnz



Reviving Dark and Shameless Stories for Halloween

Who doesn't love a good Halloween haunting story? Like dusty old vamps that come back to life at night, I've neglected my paranormal series and have chosen Sable Hunter's blog hop to kick it off. So help me show it some love.

Two years ago, my husband and I attended the Afterlife party in San Francisco, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. I went as an angel, and my husband a vampire. We had a ball. There were little green faeries, pods of Smurfs, vamps, sexy witches, ghosts and costumes of famous people. Music was rockin.

I used that party (and of course embellished it) to use in a chapter for Mortal Bite, Book 2 in the Golden Vampires of Tuscany series. My hero, Paolo Monteleone, is a real life Golden Vampire. He dresses as himself for this party, and there, meets a beautiful young college professor who studies vampire literature and lore.

Here is a very brief excerpt from Mortal Bite where the hero is readying himself for that great Halloween costume party where his life will change forever:

Paolo Monteleone swirled the black cape around his body as he checked the
guest chamber’s full-length mirror. The fabric arrived at his knees and calves
well after he stopped spinning, and then draped back away to sway a few inches
from the floor. He could see his face in the polished sheen of his shoes.. The
tux and red cummerbund, an elegant presentation, belonged to his brother,
Marcus, but it fit him perfectly. Marcus’s man had done well. The costume was a
fitting outfit for any good vampire gentleman.
It had been a year since he’d returned to Italy, repairing the damage
he’d caused his brother and his new wife. A year of learning to be a father to
his son, making amends to the other Monteleone family members who at first
didn’t trust that he wouldn’t run off again and try to live as the mortal he


When Marcus and Anne graciously invited him to join them in California
wine country, Paolo immediately agreed. The change of scenery was doing him
good. Tonight he was going to attend his first party without a member of his
The door burst open and Lucius, all four feet of him, raced straight for
Paolo. The boy wore his Superman cape and red boots—rain boots, to be
exact—with all the pride of the superheroes he loved to emulate.
Paolo bent over and lifted his son, pressed the flesh of this little
superhero to his chest and nuzzled just under the boy’s right ear. The fresh
smell of his mortality was the most satisfying moment of Paolo’s day. Eventually,
Lucius would have to make the choice whether to remain mortal or become golden
vampire. But not yet. Not until he was of age.
“And just where are you heading out to? Anne taking you
trick-or-treating? It’s not Halloween yet,” he murmured affectionately into the
side of the boy’s face.
Lucius drew back and his dark eyes flashed at his father, which always
managed to melt Paolo’s heart.
“I’m going with you to the party, father.” His coppery brown eyes and
pink cheeks made him look sweet despite the heavy, jagged, and uneven eye
makeup he must have applied himself.
“Lucius, you could hurt yourself putting all that kohl around your eyes.
You should have asked your aunt for help.”
“Well, Anne and Marcus…” the boy paused and blushed.  “They’re busy all the time.”
“Ahhhhh,” Paolo said. He envied his brother and his long-awaited fated
female and their new baby. The fact that Marcus found Anne after three hundred
years of searching meant there might still be hope for him. Not a fated female,
but someone to love and be loved in return.
A shadow suddenly covered his heart, and gave him a chill. He composed
himself and addressed his son.
“Lucius, time enough for parties when you’re older. This one is for
grownups only. Not for…”
“Kids,” Lucius finished with resignation. “But I want to go. You will protect me, father.”
Indeed he could. Not an hour went by when Paolo wasn’t fearful of the
fact that Lucius, still mortal, could die, and Paolo, vampire, would be left to
grieve for all eternity.

Come back to visit tomorrow, and you'll get to read some of the hero/heroine's first ghoulish words to each other. Spoken over a thick glass of port.

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Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.

Accidentally Married To A Vampire!

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's
2 in her popular “Accidentally Yours Series”, recently hit #34 on the
NYTimes Best Seller List (Fiction
eBooks)!! “VAMPIRE” has also
earned a well-deserved spot on both the Amazon and USA Today Top/Best Seller lists! To
celebrate, Mimi Jean is giving away an eBook copy of not only
in the “Accidentally Yours Series”, as well, to 20–yes, you read
that right, 20–lucky winners!
Accidentally in Love With…a
(Book 1, Accidentally
Contemporary Paranormal Romance by
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
“4.5 out of 5 Stars
for Accidentally in Love With…a God? (Amazon)!”
Twenty-two-year-old Emma Keane has a secret
friend. He’s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome. In her dreams,
In real life, he’s an enigma. Maybe just a
teensie jealous. Definitely overbearing. He’s also a voice only she can hear.
So who or what is he? He won’t say. But if
she wants to be free, to be normal, Emma will have to trek to the jungles once
ruled by the Mayans and find the forgotten ruin holding the answers.
However, the ruthless deity she’s about to
unknowingly unleash on the modern world might not be so easily extracted from
her life. Bottom line, he’s got enemies, and now, so does she.
With his golden face beaming, the man
smiled as he stroked my sopping wet hair and cradled me against his warm,
smooth chest. “I love this dream,” I said with a breathy voice, then stretched
my arms above my head, gazing happily into the most striking set of
luminescent, turquoise green eyes I’d ever seen.
To boot, they belonged to a breathtaking,
masculine face, a face one would expect to see on the cover of a magazine named
something like, I’m Way Too Hot to Be Your Man, or In Your Dreams,
Oh, yeah. Without a doubt, I’d topped
myself this time. Sculpted cheekbones, thick dark lashes, chiseled jaw, and
lips so full they simply had to be meant for kissing or eating something really
juicy. He was way hotter than the specimen of perfection from my last dream,
and bonus, he didn’t have that scary vibe. I reached up and ran my fingertip
along the ridge of his hard-lined warrior nose.
“Emma, what in the name
of the gods’ creation are you doing?” he scorned. “We really don’t have time
for your immature little fantasies. We’re in the middle of a crisis. Do you not
I blinked and slowly moved my eyes from
side to side.
Jungle? I was in the jungle. And my clothes
were wet. Come to think of it, for a dream, I didn’t feel so hot. My lungs
burned, my body felt like it’d been chewed up, and my head was throbbing. So,
aside from the perfect man with long, damp, wavy black hair holding me in his
arms, none of this felt like a dream. It felt…
“Holy Mother!” I pushed myself away and
rolled into the dirt, pointing in disbelief. “Wha—you—you—?”
“Aaah. So eloquent as always, my sweet. It
is astounding; you actually have a college degree, yet cannot find better
words.” He pushed himself up off the ground.
As he rose, my heart stopped, started, then
went into overdrive. His legs and spine straightened into a towering mass of
unforgiving muscles. With shoulders like a lumberjack and thick, powerful
thighs, I didn’t know if I wanted to run away or climb him like a tree. He was
utterly enormous. Jolly Green Giant enormous. Except, obviously, not green.
More golden brown. He was a gorgeous, towering mass of golden brown perfection.
No. Definitely not a
cave-dwelling, wart-infested troll. Great. Just great.
  Now I knew I wasn’t crazy—Guy was
definitely real—but now I also knew I was way over my head. He was gorgeous.
I stood in awe, my mouth gaping as my eyes
attempted to register every rope of muscle, every capacious curve packed with
power. Christ, he had to be at least seven feet tall.
“Six nine, actually,” he said, guessing my
“This can’t be possible,” I whispered, my
eyes continuing to dart up and down the length of his body, stopping right on
dark trail of hair that started just below his navel and continued down, down,
down to his enormous beast of a—“Oh! You’re naked.” I turned sharply, but only
to stop myself from reaching out to touch it; no man could be
that…that…endowed. Wow. “This can’t be happening.” I covered my face.
“Emma,” he moved behind me, placing his
powerful hands on my shoulders. A jolt shivered its way through my body.
I was wrong about the vibe. Way wrong. This
man, or whatever he was, radiated hazard. He should come equipped with a set of
blinking lights or flares. He was…“Bad. Very, very, bad,” I mumbled, pinching
the bridge of my nose.
And pathetically, after everything that had
happened, all I could think about was this naked, hard-bodied, glorious “man”
who’d just permanently seared his image inside the storage compartments of my
female DNA. All men from this day forward would have to survive a mental
side-by-side comparison against him. They’d all lose.
Available for ONLY $0.99
Amazon | B&N | Smashwords
Accidentally Married to…a
(Book 2, Accidentally
Contemporary Paranormal Romance by
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
“4.5 out of 5 Stars
for Accidentally Married to…a Vampire? (Amazon)!”
“If you love her, set her free. If
she comes back, she’s yours. If she doesn’t…Christ! Stubborn woman! Hunt her
down, and bring her the hell back; she’s still yours according to vampire
–Niccolo DiConti, General of the Vampire Queen’s Army.
The Determined Vampire:
Niccolo DiConti has faithfully served as
leader of Her Majesty’s army for over a millennium, but he’d rather sunbathe in
the Sahara than spend another grueling day under his demented queen’s command.
However, no one has ever left her side and lived to tell. So when a powerful
goddess prophesizes he will meet his salvation—a human woman he must turn into
a vampire with her consent—he eagerly rises to the challenge. After all, how
hard could it be to seduce a human female into taking the immortal plunge?
Harder than he thinks. Because his mate won’t be born for another three
centuries, and when he wakes up in the goddess’ tomb, not only is his life a
mess, but his destined female isn’t about to settle for a coldhearted vampire.
Can he win her over before it’s too late? Not if his enemies have anything to
do with it.
An Unwilling Bride:
On the night Helena Strauss meets the
fierce, devastatingly handsome vampire who saves her life in the jungles of
Mexico, she knows her world will be forever changed.  Because an attraction this mind blowing only comes along
once in a lifetime—or existence. 
And when he claims she is his one true mate, destined to be his for all
eternity, it’s a fairytale come true. 
So what if her knight in shining armor is a vampire?  Nobody’s perfect. But discovering the
powerful, overbearing immortal doesn’t “do love”?  Deal breaker. 
Helena will flee and set out to accomplish the impossible…sever the
otherworldly bond between them. And it turns out, Helena is just the leverage
Niccolo’s enemies need to break the mighty warrior and wipe out his people.
What the hell is this
Then Helena’s eyes focused on something
else she couldn’t quite grasp. In the middle of the room, lying across a stone
altar, was a naked man with dark symbols tattooed down the length of one arm.
But he was not just any man. He was a male so perfect that words would catfight
each other just for the honor of describing him. He was a
god. A bona fide deity. He had to be. Because a normal man
wouldn’t give her the urge to fall to her knees and worship at his feet. Or
The torchlight licked his sculpted
cheekbones, angular jaw, and full, sensual lips. Every capacious curve and
ripple of hard muscle looked to be packed with raw power, and his size left no
doubt that he’d been built in another time. A time when giant warriors roamed
the earth, looking to rescue lame tourists wandering the Mexican jungle at
In my dreams. Wait…this is a
dream! It has to be.
“Move closer my sweet, delicious
The deep voice radiated from every direction, filling the
Helena’s blood pressure crashed to the
floor. She gasped as the weight of her body slammed back against the cold
chamber wall to keep from falling.
“Hel-hello? Can you hear me?” Fists
clenched, Helena waited for a response, her eyes continuing to soak him in.
Every inch of him.
Was he real? No, he must be a
statue. Too perfect.
His full lips were built to nuzzle a woman’s
neck. Specifically, her neck. And that hair—thick, long waves of black
satin—was the kind a woman could grab fistfuls of while being driven insane by
those lips.
Then there were the diamond-cut grooves of
his abs, his perfectly shaped navel, the fine dark hair adorning his lower
belly that trailed down to his awe-inspiring man-gear. The size and thickness,
even in its slumbering state, was something women dreamed of and scores of
artists throughout history attempted to immortalize in marble. He was every
woman’s fantasy, she thought. And by every woman, she meant
hers…’Cause I’m not gonna share.
“Kiss me, Helena,” the
seductive voice rumbled.
Had the man said her name? No. Clearly, his
lips hadn’t moved. The margarita amoebas were attacking her brain and she was
losing her mind.
“Kiss me, woman. I command
the voice echoed, this time compelling her to obey.
Helena’s survival instincts gave her a hard
kick, jarring her back into the horrific reality of the situation. But as she
tried to regain control of her body, her tongue slipped from her mouth and wet
her lips.
Traitorous tongue. Backstabbing
lips. What the hell are you doing?
Her body inched closer.
“Sì, that is it, my love. I can
smell your blood.”
Blood? What the…?
Every nerve in her body fired on all cylinders, but she couldn’t run even if
her hair had been on fire. It seemed the harder she fought, the stronger the
force controlling her became.
“Brush it against my lips, my
love. I want to taste you when you kiss me.”
Without realizing it, her hand stretched
down to coat her fingertips with the thick, nearly dried blood from her knee.
Trembling, she smeared it over his lips.
“Now, kiss me, my love. Awaken me,
my bride.”
“No! No! Let me go!” Helena struggled, but
her body’s betrayal persisted. Her head dipped, and her lips rested on his sensuous
mouth. In that instant, the compelling force dissipated and her entire body lit
up into one glorious pyre of life.
Had she been asleep the last twenty-four
years? Because she could swear she’d just taken her first breath. Ever.
Holy hell, what was
The torches flickered, and the wind kicked
up around her.
The altar was empty.
She crumbled to the cold, dusty floor. A
pair of strong hands gripped her shoulders from behind.
“Oh, Christ. You…you’re behind me, aren’t
you?” she whispered.
The deep dark voice replied,
, my love. Stand, and let me see my mate.”
Helena slowly rose to face the naked god
behind her.
Available for ONLY $0.99
Amazon | B&N | Smashwords
One hundred percent
(100%) of all royalties received from the sale of Accidentally Married
to a…Vampire
from both B&N and Amazon THIS SUNDAY will be
donated to The Breast Cancer Foundation.
Sun God Seeks…
(Book 3, Accidentally
Contemporary Paranormal Romance by
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Twenty-four-year-old Penelope finds herself
in all sorts of hot water, vaporous and otherwise, after agreeing to become a
surrogate mother for an eccentric, wealthy, and devastatingly handsome man who
isn’t exactly a man.
About the Author:
Before taking up a permanent residence in
the San Francisco Bay Area, Mimi spent time living near NYC (became a
shopaholic), in Mexico City (developed a taste for very spicy food), and
Arizona (now hates jumping chollas, but pines for sherbet sunsets). Her love of
pre-Hispanic culture, big cities, and romance inspires her to write when she’s
not busy with kids, work, and life…or getting sucked into a juicy novel.
She hopes that someday, leather pants for
men will make a big comeback and that her writing might make you laugh when you
need it most.


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this giveaway</a>.
Leave a comment and some lucky person will win a copy of these books. Winners notified by Friday, May 11th. A reminder of this giveaway will follow other blog posts until then…
Good luck…
Sharon Hamilton

Welcome Nia Shay

Today we're hosting, author Nia Shay for CBLS Promotions. One lucky commenter will receive a free copy of Nia's new book, Dark Angel's Ward.

Dark Angel's Ward (Angel Warden Series, Book 1)

Nia Shay

Self (Moonwild Press)

80,000 words

Contemporary, M/F, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Urban Fantasy



Two years ago,
Jandra Maxwell walked away from the secret Fairlight Society and started a new
life in a quiet Texas town. When her former Ward, the dark angel Zeph, seeks
her out and begs for her help, Jandra faces an impossible choice. She knows he
can only offer her heartache, but she can’t turn her back on the only man she’s
ever loved.
Zeph teeters on
the brink of madness, pummeled by emotions his angelic blood once rendered him
incapable of feeling. Driven to protect Jandra from a threat he can only
glimpse in nightmares, he refuses to leave her side. As they explore the
mystery of his recurring dreams, they discover the Fairlight Society has been
keeping a terrible secret – one they’ll kill to protect.
Fighting for
her life isn’t so easy when Jandra’s also fighting her heart. Her inexorable
attraction to Zeph may save them…or may damn them both.



“Sound and fury,” I
murmured aloud.
I didn’t repeat it; he
probably wouldn’t have understood even if I had. Ever since I’d read that
phrase in Macbeth I’d always associated it with this feeling. It was one thing
to be selectively psychic – at least the only thoughts I usually heard were
Zeph’s. But when he and I were truly joined, not just in body or in mind but in
the very essence of our beings, I got a taste of what it was really like to be
half angel. And I hated it. I couldn’t fathom how to cope with hearing the
thoughts and prayers of half the damn city. Except maybe by dissociating large portions
of my personality, like he had. Zeph’s mind could be a scary place.
“Jandra? Are you sure
you’re all right?”
I dragged my attention back
to the matter at hand. “I told you, yes.”
That seemed to satisfy him.
At least he didn’t argue with me anymore. His fingertips brushed the side of my
face. “Thank you.”
“Whatever.” I raised bleary
eyes just in time to see his mouth descending on mine.
Our lips met before I could
stop him, and once I felt his warmth I couldn’t quite bring myself to complain.
I ended up moaning into his mouth instead of pulling away. Encouraged, he
brushed his tongue across my lower lip, his hands stroking upward over my
My body remembered this –
his embrace, his touch. As I arched my back in unbidden reaction, he cupped my
breasts, his long fingers splayed and caressing. I gasped, feeling his surge of
fierce enjoyment as the pleasure he wrought in my body echoed through his own.
Which was just the reminder
I needed. I wrenched away from him, hissing, “You are not allowed to touch me
that way!”
“I can’t help it.” Zeph’s
eyes were violet fire. “When you feel me and I feel you … how am I to resist?”
“Here’s a suggestion: how
about going away and leaving me alone for the rest of my life? Wasn’t that the
He sighed, his gaze going
distant. “I released you because you begged it of me, Jandra. Not because I
desired it. Your pain was crushing us, and you couldn’t seem to heal while you
were with me. But now you have healed. You are whole again, and strong.”
“So you’ve come to break me
all over again?” I accused.
“I’ve no intention of
hurting you.” He reached for me, but I evaded him. Instead, he pinned me with
his gaze as he spoke his greatest lie. “I love you, Jandra.”
“No you don’t!” I
shrieked, balling up a fist and darting forward to punch him in the chest. “You
do not love anyone or anything. You are not capable of it!”
“Perhaps that’s true,” he
said calmly, enfolding my fist in one large hand. “Or perhaps your love has
changed me.”
The tears came as hot and
fast as the resonance of his soul had, and they burned just as deeply. “I never
loved you.”
He said nothing, merely
released me and retreated to the doorway while I wept. As my sobs faded into
racking gasps, he cast me a long look and muttered, “Yet I am the one reviled
as a thief of souls.”
Sony Reader – http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/nia-shay/dark-angel-s-ward/


Nia Shay is a
reclusive weirdo who lives in a tiny concrete box in the middle of the Arizona
desert. (No, seriously.)  In
between dealing with mild OCD and an epic caffeine addiction, she finds time to
mold the voices in her head into cohesive sarcastic remarks, and sometimes even
a story or two. She has been penning such tales, almost all of them with a
decidedly paranormal flavor, since the second grade. Now that paranormal
fiction is the “in thing,” Nia has decided to overcome her extreme
distaste for trends and jump on the ol' bandwagon. Join her on her harrowing
journey through the twisted corridors of her own mind—that is…if you dare.
Email – nia@cheznia.com
Website – http://cheznia.com
Blog – http://cheznia.com/blog
Good luck, readers! Thank you Nia, for being our guest today. Remember, leave a comment today on this blog for the chance to win a free PDF copy of Dark Angel's Ward. If you share on your FB page or Tweet this post, you can win additional chances.

For the remainder of the blog hop and links to other sites for giveaways and author interviews/reviews, please go to:  http://cblspromotions.blogspot.com/2012/03/vbt-dark-angels-ward-angel-warden.html.

Sharon Hamilton


Angel is Out Today!

So happy Angel is out today. Available on all eformats. I know it's up on Amazon. We're waiting for B&N and Smashwords.

Claire, an unconventional Guardian angel sent to save a sexy Brazilian-born painter from killing himself, discovers Daniel has been preyed upon by a powerful dark angel posing as his best friend and agent. Although successful in saving Daniel’s life, Claire is in danger of losing her own when attraction to her handsome charge blooms into a forbidden love. The dark angel offers her what she’s only dared to dream about—an eternity with Daniel. Will she sacrifice her soul, or sacrifice a lifetime with a man she knows she was created to love?Here's an excerpt: Daniel hesitated a second, then lumbered to the stairway, mumbling something not in English. Claire willed herself up to the top landing, near the entrance to what she assumed was Daniel’s master bedroom suite. As he passed through her, she smelled the wine, the sweat, and trace elements of his aftershave. Telling herself she was concerned he wouldn’t try to injure himself further, she followed him into the bathroom, leaned herself against the door for support, and watched as he slipped the tight black slacks with paint smudges down over his briefs. In one smooth move, he bent over and slipped off the gray briefs, exposing the tanned and muscled cheeks of his ass. She blushed at this intimate view of him from behind. The smooth, tanned flesh made her quiver. He was healthier than the charges she usually got. Lean and well toned, this one didn’t resemble the usual cadre of suicidals who had done years of damage to themselves, usually through drug and alcohol use. Simply put, Daniel was perfect in every way, from his broad smooth shoulders to the smallness of his rear and tightness of his thighs that were dusted with just a little dark hair. She watched the muscles move under his skin as he pulled aside the shower curtain and stepped in. When the water began to run she waited, giving him privacy. Truth was, she usually liked to shower with her charges, but it was not the recommended way. She would give him a little more distance tonight; let him show her his dreams and the true source of his torment. Her instincts told her to be cautious. Something in her internal radar was bleeping off the charts. She inched her way closer so she could smell the shower gel he used. She leaned against the wall, letting the lemony steam cover her invisible but sensitive angel flesh. She closed her eyes and listened to him reprimanding himself in Portuguese. It wasn’t important to have a word-for-word translation; she understood perfectly what he was saying. The way the sounds rolled off his tongue and the deep resonance of his voice was soothing. She knew in that instant that she could save him. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to live. He was fighting with himself, and right now that was a good thing. She was still daydreaming when the water stopped and he reached for the towel located on the wall Claire was leaning against. His hands went through her shoulders to grip the blue terrycloth hanging there. She didn’t move as he pulled the fluffy cotton to him, buryied his face in it, and then reached behind him to towel-dry his hair with one muscled arm as he arched backwards and gave her a first class view of his chiseled abs, and more. The place where he had touched her was warm. The full length of this slick, wet Adonis who smelled of fresh lemons was no more than four or five inches from the edges of her gown, but her body underneath began to glow and she was suddenly shy, and blushed. This had never happened to her before. When his hands again went through her body to replace the towel, and he exhaled a release, filling her nostrils with his mortal breath, she knew she had to get out of the room. Willing herself into his bedroom, she rubbed her upper arms until the sensation of his palms was gone, and took a deep breath. Daniel dressed while she stepped out onto the upper landing and occupied herself watching Joshua tinker around in the kitchen below. In a crisp white shirt that smelled freshly laundered, and a pair of blue jeans with sandals, Daniel brushed by her angel gown, not knowing he barely grazed her back. She followed the trail of his scent as he danced down the stairs, fingers of his long dark hair trailing behind him. Close one. Other Guardians had told her if some kind of attraction occurred between the angel and the charge, her invisibility could be compromised. And if she appeared to him in the flesh at any time, it might mean a quick trip home to Heaven. She would have to be extra careful to make sure that didn’t happen.