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FAQ — Sharon Hamilton


What current projects are you working on?

This year, I'll be launching 2 new series: Paradise series and Sleeper SEALs: Bone Frog Brotherhood series. Both will revolve around older, former SEALs. Paradise: In Search of Love is on sale now, and watch for Sleeper SEALs book 1, Bachelor SEAL, coming your way November 14th.
Will there be any more Golden Vampires of Tuscany books?
I will be writing at least two Golden Vampires of Tuscany books.
Where will you be appearing in person and when will you come to my area?
I love to travel and meet new readers so please check out my Appearances page for the latest on all my scheduled signings and appearances. If you have an opportunity to request speakers, I'm available for conferences and love to do this for my fans.
Can I buy a signed book from you?
If you'd like a signed book from me, please contact me. I am happy to work out arrangements to sell you a signed copy of any of my paperback books. The usual process is for me to invoice you through PayPal for the retail cover price of the book plus shipping. Delivery could take up to four weeks depending on my deadlines.
Can I get bookmarks or other swag from you?
I frequently send individuals, book clubs, and bookstores bookmarks and swag free of charge. Those located outside of the United States will be asked to pay for the shipping and will be invoiced via PayPal. If you're interested in requesting bookmarks or swag, please contact me. Delivery could take up to four weeks depending on my deadlines.
Can you read my book for a possible cover quote for me?
I'd love to be able to do this, but I am very selective in what books I agree to read for cover quotes mostly because my schedule is so tight but if your book matches the genres in which I write you are welcome to contact my assistant to ask.
How long have you been writing fiction?
I've been writing ever since the age of 5, but seriously for seven years now. My first publication came out in 2012 after extensive beta testing, crit groups (at one time I was in 5), classes (took nearly 100 online and in person writing seminars/classes) and writing contests, many of which I finaled in. Like I do in everything, I jump in with both feet, not knowing where I'll land! But my motto is always to go big or go home.
What is your writing schedule/process?
I like having the house to myself, with instrumental music in the background. I get distracted very easily, so I guard this ritual/routine. I try to write 3000 words a day. Yes, each week I do a minimum of 10,000 words, but more when I'm up against a hard deadline. Late at night works, or early in the AM. I like to write until I get tired, take a nap, get up and write more until I get tired, etc. I can get 3-4 “fresh” mornings out of one day if I have to.
Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Just don't give up. Keep writing even when it doesn't pay, even when you get rejected. You're exercising the muscle. Great athletes always train. Look at the beginning of your writing journey as a training, learning to be disciplined for when you hit it big. Expect to hit big and you will. Don't let someone's opinion of you (whom you don't even know) affect you 1%. It's none of your business what they think. Listen to your writer's voice, writer's heart. You must be easy to start and hard to stop. Relentless. Unbridled. Fearless. Some would say crazy in love with writing. If not, write until that happens for you. Write with passion and don't feed the fears.
Can I have a free book?
While I cannot grant requests to give everyone a free book, I do give a lot of books away in my own giveaways and in giveaways through bloggers. Follow my Facebook page and my Sharables page for opportunities to win books, gift cards, swag, and other fun things from me!
Will you provide a giveaway to my blog or Facebook giveaway or charity event?
I try to contribute to as many giveaways and charity events as I can so I'm happy to consider yours, but please understand that sometimes my writing schedule or the number of other giveaway items I've already contributed might make it impossible to participate at that time. Feel free to contact me! I am most generous with groups that support our military.
Will you write a guest post for my blog event?
I try to keep a very busy social calendar so I can connect with fans so I'm happy to consider participating in your blog event. But please understand that my availability is very dependent on what's going on in my writing and release schedule. Please contact me if you'd like to set a guest blogging date for an event. That said, I love doing these. I love having you share my YouTube channel with others on your blogs, my blog posts. You can always re-blog anything that appears on my blog, which is a good reason to sign up!
Will there be anymore SEAL Brotherhood books?
Yes, I will be writing SEALs for the next couple of years at least. I plan to have 3 new SEAL books a year. I will be bringing in some paranormal SEALs later this year, which will combine both the genres I love: Contemporary Military Romantic Suspense and Paranormal.
Do I need to read your books in order?
No. I've tried to make my series easy to pick up at any level. I will say that some of the characters don't come in order. You might see a secondary character come up and think that will be the next book, but sometimes I start with a new character, depending on the story I want to tell. All of my books refer to previous characters/situations from earlier books, however. I plan to do novellas for some of my characters readers have wanted, but for whom I've not had time to flesh out a full-length book. Watch for those.
Sharon's Books Reading Order includes links to all of the books, in order, and their retailers.
Are your books available on audio?
Every one of my books is on audio, either through ACX/Audible or iTunes. This is how it always will be. Usually the audio comes out a month or two after the release of the ebook. The print books about a month after the ebook. When we turn in the audio files, it takes sometimes 2-3 weeks for Audible to “crunch” them and prepare them for sale. This timing is out of our control.
When will your book be translated into my language?
My first foreign translation, in German, Accidental SEAL, has been in the works since January of 2014. I can't believe how much time it takes, but they are working on it and I have no idea how much longer it will take. Very expensive to do this. Costs me four times what an audio book costs to produce. With this timing and this cost, not sure how many more of these I can do, but I'm working on it. If the field becomes less expensive, I'd consider doing more.
I'm a librarian or read a lot of books obtained from libraries. How can libraries get your books?
Several of my books are on the Amazon expanded distribution sites, but not all of them. Best to contact me directly. I donate to libraries all over the U.S. by special request. I've especially targeted rural libraries that have difficulty getting books, due to their budget, as I want to help promote literacy and bring the love of reading to areas struggling to be served. So contact me regarding this, or if ordering is an issue.