One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days where no matter what, the day just went sideways? I did. Here's what happened.

We were to receive a cashier's check from someone who owed us a considerable sum of money. It wasn't enough to change my life, but it would have been annoying to lose it. It was supposedly sent overnight mail, except we never received it. I suspect the Post Office placed it in someone else's box, who is perhaps away on a long vacation (or just doesn't go to his box often). It happens.

In this case, the person who sent the check is rather prickly and unpleasant. I received a nasty email from him basically saying I was to pound salt. I discovered I could take a copy of the check to the bank it was written on, and ask for a replacement. So far so good.

When I got there, I filled out the proper paperwork, after being told twice this was impossible to do, and was told I had to obtain a surety bond, which cost me about $100. Still worth it. The paperwork had to be notarized, but their notary was out to lunch. And it had to be paid for by a money order. I trotted next door to Safeway and got my money order, and then went to the nearest notary about 5 miles down the road. I had already burned up about an hour. No problem so far.

My husband had to accompany me, since both our signatures were required. We headed off to the notary, when we got stopped by a huge accident (involving a melted car). An hour and a half later, we were on our way back to the bank with our notarized paperwork. Their notary was back by then. Discovered the notary did the paperwork wrong, but after several calls to the corporate offices, the paperwork was accepted. Okay, now we are into this process about 3 hours.

Eventually the new cashier's check was issued to us. I had started this episode at 10 AM yesterday. I was finally finished at 4:30. I got to my bank just before they closed and was able to do the deposit. End of story.

I could be angry about this, except for the fact that my other choice was to wait weeks for a replacement to come from the sender. Or, wait until April when the uncashed cashier's check would be considered dead.

A lot could happen between now and April. In this case, the $100 was well worth it.

Something like this ever happen to you?

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Gale D. Sroelov - January 22, 2018

Gosh, no, just less trauma than you went thru. Well, at least it is done. Sorry you had to deal with it, though! Hope your Monday is the best.

S. Scheer - January 22, 2018

I had a situation similar to this 25 years ago. But without a good outcome. I sold my house and at the settlement the person buying gave me cash for the amount owed. I had to write checks for some bills that needed to be sent out that day but did not want to carry the cash all the way to my new home which was 4 hours away. So I took the cash to a local bank that I had dealt with before and had them give me a cashier’s check so that when I deposited it to my bank I could go ahead and write the checks. When I got to my bank I deposited the cashier’s check went home wrote the checks for the bills that I had to pay and figured everything was taken care of. 2 Days Later I get notified that my account has overdrawn 5 times. This is how many checks I had written for bills. I went into my bank and ask how these checks were overdrawn when they weren’t cashed until 2 days after I deposited a check for $60,000 I was then informed that my new bank, that I was banking at had a policy that they held checks for 2 weeks after you deposited them, if they were for an amount larger than $10,000. I told them this was a cashier’s check which is supposed to be as good as cash. I was then told it doesn’t matter they still hold them two weeks. As it turned out I ended up paying $300 in fees because the five checks came back a second time and were rejected and incurred more overdraft fees. Needless to say as soon as everything was through I withdrew all my money and took it to another bank. It showed me that you really need to check when you deposit what the terms are. I had never heard of holding any check for as long as two weeks and especially a cashier’s check. What really made me angry was that I did have some money in the bank and if they would have processed the lower amount checks first all but 2 of them would have cleared and there would have only been $120 in fees. They tried to process the highest one first and automatically they all bounced.

Kathleen O - January 22, 2018

I am so glad everything worked out for you despite what steps you had to go through. I don’t recall anything like this happening to me or my family.

Ginger Robertson - January 22, 2018

Oh yes, I’ve had my share of those. God Bless you! Your husband and you were troopers.


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