I've been enjoying all the wonderful blooms from the garden lately, and the beginning vegetables. Picked these lovely sweet peas (love them because they only last a day or two, and they only bloom for a short while but are so lovely!). This year, I'm trying to find my asparagus.

We'd let the garden from years past get overrun. (Truth? I planted 5 horseradish plants and it took over). Successive helpers continued rototilling it until I had bits of horseradish, probably 200 plants coming up all over.

It took a man 2 days to dig them all up last year. I have still a few that pop up, but they are manageable.

So now I'm discovering my asparagus! I had some beautiful purple giant ones coming up before, and I've seen 2-3 so far this year. My famous saying is: My Garden Isn't Dead. It's Sleeping.

So, when I was picking sweet peas this morning, I got the little asparagus tip too. It will make it to my dinner plate tonight…

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day. Remembering all the things we get to have and experience because others stepped up and made the sacrifice. Can't say thank you enough. Our

flag is sometimes tattered, like our gardens that are barren and overrun with weeds, but if we continue to remember those sacrifices and never lose the passion in our lives, the bloom of new life will always return.


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midsumrnghtdrm - May 29, 2016

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful Lady , and the veggies are just a bonus………Jara

Karen Henderson - May 29, 2016

Our asparagus isn't much yet but I've been known to eat it raw right out of the garden. Your flowers are beautiful. Have a Wonderful Sunday. Lots of love your way. See you soon 🙂

Judy - May 29, 2016

Amen. Time to renew the hopes and dreams.

julie beasley - May 29, 2016

Good luck with your garden. Sweet peas are a pretty flower. Just repotted my mini cactus and give some love to my old one

J.D. Hart - May 30, 2016

The bloom of new life will always return. I love that!
Beautiful garden, beautiful gardener.



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