E is for Evening. Excellent start to the #atozchallenge Everyone!

Excellent start to the #atozchallenge Everyone!

Grateful today for the letter E. I like evening. I must admit, I like that dusk and dawn kind of magical place, especially for some of my romantic scenes. My guardian angel is awakened at dawn after having spent a glorious evening in her lover's arms. For the first time, at the very end, she is finally being able to sleep at last.

Readers of mine will know I always end my books with a lovely bow: a love scene that somehow transcends all the danger and pain and hurt, misunderstanding and confusion. When the couple finally relaxes into themselves and enjoys just the intimacy of the two of them.

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Dusk is a special time for colors, for those Maxfield Parrish type sunsets where the sky is turquoise and the horizon is deep orange. The trees overhead are black. You can see the effects of the glow on reflections outside, through windows, and the overall dark fabric of the ceiling of nighttime to come mutes everything except for these firery sunbursts. A magic time.

Vampires see this as an awakening (those that have to go to ground). Others see it as the death of the day. That space between light and dark, where both dance together. Like that image in Ladyhawk where the hero and the heroine can meet, but only briefly because one has to stay in the night and one lives in the day.

Evening is more emotion than time. Color more than idea or thought. When I see the sun fall below the horizon and on those special nights when the glow is extra bright, my ideas wander and my heart bleeds something good.

I have no idea what it is. But that's what Evening is to me.

What is it to you?

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Judy - April 6, 2016

Entwining, pulling together the threads of the day, seeing what needs to be done, what's missing, what needs to be mended.

Lorie Rrinfeld - April 6, 2016

Evening is a time I refect back on the day to see what I still need to due and to relax and snuggle up with my hubby. It is a quite time to just unwind and let all the stress go.

julie beasley - April 6, 2016

I like the evening's when they stay lighter for longer. I feel we have a longer day that way. I do like to see the lovely colours as the evening's draw in

    Sharon Hamilton - April 7, 2016

    I like it when the days get longer, like they're starting to do now!

Karen Henderson - April 7, 2016

I'm a night owl at heart and love the nighttime. Love these pictures they are beautiful. Another great post 🙂


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