Can I Do It? #atozchallenge

Can I Do It? #atozchallenge.  

Can is a big part of my daily vocabulary. Not try, but can.  Yesterday I was doing some edits from a piece I'd written almost 5 years ago. I was in love with that piece then, and today, the writing needs a total tuneup. Can I make it as a bestselling author? You bet. Should I wait another 5 years so my writing will be even better? Nope. That would be trying to become a bestselling author. There is no waiting in my world. 
Challenge is another good C word. Just the thought of it gets me excited. Like the expression: “Tell me I can't and I will.” It's part of one of the Navy SEAL sayings. I love it (and I've heard it all my life) when someone says something is impossible, or worse, impossible for me. That sets up a challenge, a task on my big to do list in the sky, to prove that I can achieve that goal.
I read this today when I woke up. I love these little daily reminders of what we can do. Notice I didn't say should do? This is from the perspective of 52-year-old former Navy SEAL, Mark Divine, who has now carried his lessons learned into daily life. His morning routine is pretty awesome, and the exercises he does, well, they are a bit over the top. But he prepares for the challenge of the day, just like I am doing my A-Z challenge to prepare myself for my writing day, and to remind myself every morning how grateful I am to be alive, healthy and full of stories. Life on all the important terms, is good. I didn't say perfect. It's good. And it's getting better every day.
So here's his thought from this morning:
So today, I'm grateful for Chalenges, for Constructive Change. For doing what I can to create a perfect day as an author, mother, wife and friend. For being the best me that I can be. And to share the experience.
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Tamara Narayan - April 4, 2016

Here's my morning: wake up and feed two kids and two cats. Make school lunches and yell at kids to get ready already. After they're off, I get to write. Party time.

    Sharon Hamilton - April 4, 2016

    I can totally relate. As my oldest is nearly 40 and my youngest 29, it's been awhile. But you go girl!! There is lots of writing life after child-rearing!

Judy - April 4, 2016

Cool. 🙂

Rosa Temple - April 4, 2016

Wow, what a way to start your day! I might have to go back to bed after that. I think a 'Yes I can' mantra would be enough for me.
Rosa Temple writes…

    Sharon Hamilton - April 4, 2016

    LOL. Know what you mean. And he's 52. He'll be looking good forever…

Lorie Rrinfeld - April 4, 2016

I love the postive thinking you are doing and giving yourself the chanelage to do it you go girl because I know you CAN do this.

A Joyful Chaos - April 5, 2016

Can … is a powerful. It's amazing all the things one can accomplish with the proper mindset.

    Sharon Hamilton - April 5, 2016

    It is a very powerful word. Might be tough, might be easy, but it's confident.

julie beasley - April 5, 2016

I love positive thinking. Can do will do


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