Gustavo, model for SEAL's Promise, talks with Sharon Hamilton

Gustavo cover model SEALs PromiseI was thrilled to be able to interview Gustavo, who is the cover model for SEAL's Promise. I think he makes a wonderful T.J! I hope you enjoy discovering more about Gustavo. Here's his interview…..

1. What name do you liked to be called?

G: Gustavo

SH: Goes well with your photograph. (I blush).

2. How long have you been modeling? Print or commercial? Are you also an actor?

G: I’ve been modeling for 8 years, I started late . Both print, commercial and some acting, but my real passion is writing.

SH: Now I want to see all his photos, don’t you?

3. Where do you live?

G: Right now I live in Barcelona, Spain

SH: Lovely city. Great choice.

4. What is your most favorite thing to do on a rainy night?

G: Movies at home, preferably in good company. (And some wine to go with)

SH: Exactly my kind of evening. A little fireplace, cozy blankets, some snuggling. Listening to the rain is one of my all-time favorite things to do too.

5. What is your most favorite thing to do on a sunny spring day?

G: Surfing or simply sitting down and enjoying a day at the beach

SH: Perfect answer.

6. What’s your idea of a romantic date?

G: The most casual the better, it’s all about the connection. Sitting down in a park or at a beach and getting to know each other. Some wine could be nice too! Red please!

SH: Awesome. You are down-to-earth. Love it. Make it real.

7. Red or white wine? Any particular favorites?

G: Haha… I guess I already answered that… Red. I like several, but there is an Italian one called Primitivo from Minini which I really like.

SH: So I did a little checking, and you can buy that wine online, for those of you who wish to partake of Gustavo’s favorite wine: Primitivo Wine Online.

8. Favorite beer?

G: Stella Artois

SH: Great choice.

9. When you go shopping, what can you not live without?

G: Protein! (eggs, chicken, meat, etc)

SH: Didn’t figure you for a vegetarian…

10. What’s your favorite form of entertainment?

G: Traveling for sure, first place. Followed by TV and movies

SH: Love it.

11. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

G: Barcelona

SH: Ah! I have to agree. I love the Gaudi cathedral. Who can forget the Costa Brava? Some of the best beaches in the world. In fact, I know a young couple who honeymooned there and got robbed by Gypsies. (another story).

12. If you could do anything in life (job-wise), what would you do?

G: Screenwriter

SH: We’ll have to ask what genre next time, if we get lucky. {{{another writer}}}

13. Where is one place you’ve always wanted to visit?

G: An island in Brazil called Fernando de Noronha

SH: I think I’m in love. Looks like a great place. Thanks for the tip. Now I have to learn to surf…

14. Who would you talk to if you could talk to anyone?

I would like to talk to Osiris from Egyptian mythology

SH: King of the Afterlife. Interesting choice.

My readers and I thank you, Gustavo, for gracing our Facebook Launch Party today. And we also thank you for becoming my T.J. Talbot for the cover of SEAL’s Promise. May your beauty last forever!

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Becky - November 10, 2014

Perfect match for your cover!!! Loved the interview!!

Donna Hokanson - November 10, 2014

Awesome interview and yes he is a hunk and does remind me of T.J.

Sharon Hamilton - November 11, 2014

I love him too. Ah to be young again!

Sharon Hamilton - November 11, 2014

Thanks, Donna. Wait until you hear the audio. We're halfway through it, and we've got some low Southern going on and my is it nice!

Eniko - November 11, 2014

Great interview Sharon! Hello Gustavo!
I love the cover for SEAL's Promise, great choice for TJ, he is quite handsome.
Spain and Brazil are places I would love to visit.

julie - November 11, 2014

Waves to Gustavo nice interview. Love the cover of SEALs Promise and you make a marvellous hero. Thanks Sharon


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