Sundays With Sharon: Learning New Things


Learning New Things

It’s always a tradeoff, traveling away from home. Even when I’m doing my job, meeting new readers and other writers, the time away does eat into my personal writing time. I need a cave, with great music, scented candles, “immortal” supply of ice cubes, neck and shoulder rubs and lemony shower gel. If I could just live in that cave 24/7 I’d be happy. My characters and I would get along just fine. 

But that would mean I’d be writing for me, and I’m not. I’m writing for you, those that read my posts and my stories. You are the reason I have a job, and I never want to forget that. So, I go to conferences, learn and network, and come home newly invigorated and ready to tackle my writing jobs. I get to tell my stories about honorable men and the women who are worthy of their love and are lucky enough to be chosen by them as life partners.


The highlight of my trip has been getting to meet my narrator, J.D. Hart and his beautiful wife, Cherokee. These people have such a loving spirit that is a rare find. I’ve gotten to see behind the scenes places in Nashville, told stories about the days of Elvis as well as other huge stars, and actually gotten to meet and shake hands with some of them. What a treat.

Me and JD Hart

Sometimes people become fast friends when you meet them in person. I have yet to meet someone online and then meet them in person and have the friendship not only hold up, but grow. Collaborating with J.D. on the audio books has been one of the greatest joys of my writing year. Any artist who gets to share his or her work with another artist, and have them take their art and change it, make it even better through a blending of talents, is lucky. I thank my lucky stars every day I have been given this gift.

I don’t travel again for another month, and trust me when I say I’m looking forward to being home. But I have so many happy memories, stories shared and friendships started or strengthened, enough to keep me chuckling for weeks—all the way to Thanksgiving and my next big adventure. Stay tuned for that one!


I’ve chronicled some of the specific things J.D. and I have done in my post for The Realm. I think you’ll see why I have such fond memories. But I’ve also heard stories of hope, recovery from loss, business things that will help me do my job better, details about promotion, success strategies and forged alliances and friendships for future questions I don’t even know to ask.

My beautiful home in Sonoma County awaits, along with two very pampered Dobermans and the man who has been by me for the last 43 years and still calls me beautiful, my Silver Fox. I go home to the house he constructed for me, built for me so I could dream and relax and do all the crazy things I get to do every day. We get to grow old together, get to build our new bright garden together, and watch our family prosper and grow.


The Important Ones!

These and all the connections and friendships I’ve deepened and created are what’s most important in life. When I remember that, and remember to say thank you to all those who have enriched my life, like all of you, I get back ten-fold. It is truly an honor and such a joy to be your friend, your colleague, and your romance writer for life.

Sharon Hamilton


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Maria Mc - September 14, 2014

So glad you had a good trip and enjoyed your time with JD and his wife Cherokee!! Welcome home hug those puppies, your silver fox and all those little ones!!

julie - September 14, 2014

loved seeing all ypur pics and posts, specially the ones meeting JD. Glad you had a good time. Enjoy your time at home. I know the ideas will flow and we will all benefit by reading your exciting work.

Karen - September 15, 2014

So I'm a day late reading your newsletter this week as I was busy spending time with hubby and posting pictures from the conference. It was so awesome hanging out with you again. I was surprised to start reading and then see I made your newsletter in that picture. Meeting JD was one of my highlights too. His voice is just as wonderful in person as it is in audio. And he is just a wonderful funny talented person who makes people smile. Glad you are home for a month hope you get to spend some quality time doing the things you love. Myself I'm going to go in book overload in my cave reading all my wonderful books I got
As always awesome newsletter

Sharon Hamilton - September 15, 2014

Maria, thank you so much. Part of the little ones (grandkids) are back East now, but I did manage to hug the puppies and cuddle that silver fox…Nice to be home.

Sharon Hamilton - September 15, 2014

Thanks Karen. It was wnderful spending time with you too!! Thanks for taking such great pictures.

Sharon Hamilton - September 15, 2014

Julie, I have so many stories floating around in my brain, and now the time at home to get them down on paper. Makig my morning routine off internet and writing, and I started today!!

Robin Henley - September 15, 2014

I always love reading about your adventures and seeing the pics. Glad you had a great time with JD and his wife. Look like a lot of fun. Enjoy the time with all your loved ones. Looking forward to next week's edition.

Sharon Hamilton - September 16, 2014

Robin, thanks, and yes, had a wonderful time meeting you and everyone else. Thanks for the pictures.


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