Sundays With Sharon: Interview Cover Model Justin Thomas

sundayswsharonRecently, at the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas, I met my new book cover model, Justin Thomas.  Justin was quick to work with me and he is already on the cover of my recent release, SEAL's Goal.  For today's Sundays with Sharon, I decided to interview Justin and share that interview with you all!

SEAL's Goal

SEAL's Goal

Me- Tell me the funniest thing that has happened to you during a photo shoot.

Justin- Its probably a tie between the time I was doing a shoot next to a swimming pool and the photographer was backing up and fell into the pool, and the time I was doing a shoot for a western company. I was shooting next to a horse and the horse was getting a little too excited being in front of the camera. The horse finally calmed down, but then decided it would be a good thing to relieve himself.

Me- Do you ever get turned on while modeling with a pretty girl?

Justin -No, shoots are kept very professional. Don't get me wrong, I have shot with some beautiful people but being  a professional and getting the best shots possible are the priority. Everyone on set typically has a good time as well.

Me-  What do you think of when the photographer looks right into your eyes?

Justin -Typically the photographers are looking through a lens so there is not a

Meet Justin!

lot of looking into my eyes. But its kind of awkward when it happens, or when you have to look into another models eyes for an extended period of time. A lot of time it results into nervous laughter. Im pretty good at staring contests so playing the no blinking game makes the situation a little easier, or looking at the persons forehead makes is a little less weird.

Me- Are you thinking of a message to get that wonderful look?

Justin -Depending on what you are trying to portray in the photo determines on what you are thinking during the shoot. Sometimes its like acting and you have to mentally put yourself in a mindset to portray a “look” to the camera. It takes time but once you get warmed up and some direction about the desired message, its pretty fun pretending to be someone/something else.

Me-  What do you like about being a professional model?

Justin -I love all the people and places I get to experience. You don't work with the same people on a regular basis so every job is new and exciting. You never know what the day will have in store. Plus the food at shoots are typically amazing, and I love to eat.

Me- Does your partner ever get jealous?

Justin-I am single

Me- How did you come to begin modeling?

Justin-Was helping a friend who was a beginning photographer build his portfolio. The photos turned out pretty good and he suggested to go to some open calls at several agencies in San Francisco. I went with a friend and we both got signed by a modeling agency. Kind of just took off from there.

Me- What's on your bucket list? (Life experience/then professional experience).

Justin- Life experience= Travel the world, sky dive, bungee jump, go to a Super Bowl, Visit every state, become a scratch golfer, have a family/kids, learn some cooking techniques by a celebrity chef, run a marathon, I can go on for days.

-professional= start my own business, invest in real estate, retire at a young age, start a romance novel stock photo site, buy my parents a vacation home.

Me- What's it like hanging around a bunch of crazy romance writers?

Justin- I love it, everyone is so fun, kind, and easy to talk to. I am typically a shy person but I found it extremely easy to open up and have a great time with the authors. I feel extremely grateful to have been introduced to the amazing people in this industry and I hope to maintain the relationships that have been created.

Thanks so much for interviewing with me Justin!  It was so great meeting you at RNC, and I know my readers love your pictures, I'm sure they appreciate getting to know you more as well.  

Well readers, what do you think of Justin Thomas?  What kind of book cover would you like to see him on next?  And remember single ladies, Justin is single!  

You can learn more about Justin and follow him on Facebook

Thank you for joining me this week for Sundays With Sharon! 

Sharon Hamilton


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Karen H - August 17, 2014

Great interview and only one question. Is he coming with you to IRC? 🙂
Dang he has beautiful eyes

Jennifer Lowery - August 17, 2014

Great interview! I just might be contacting Justin to be on one of my covers 🙂

Sharon Hamilton - August 17, 2014

No, Justin isn't coming, but JD is!!

Sharon Hamilton - August 17, 2014

I highly recommend him. Easy to work with. Easy on the eyes! Fresh look. Always wonderful to find a fresh, new face out there.

Karen H - August 17, 2014

I know I'm excited to meet JD but it would have been cool to meet both of them. Talk about the pictures 🙂
I can't wait to see you next month.

julie - August 17, 2014

lovely interview really enjoyed it. Id love to see Justin as a Viking on a cover hes big enough or as a cowboy with a big buckle

Sharon Hamilton - August 17, 2014

Me too, Karen.

Sharon Hamilton - August 17, 2014

Definitely, Julie! He's the perfect physique for keeper, though, since most of them are so tall.

Enikö - August 19, 2014

Great interview Sharon! Nice to read more about Justin!
He would look great on your next Golden Vampires of Tuscany book cover 😀


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