Thankful For A Great Adventure

Tomorrow we start our great adventure on the cruise ship that will take us from Italy to Brazil. Part of this will be a fact-finding mission, since my next story takes place on a cruise ship.

I haven't been to Italy in ten years. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy being here. I love the language, the romantic timbres and staccato bursts of passion. Everyone thinks of Paris as the place for lovers, but I think Italy would have to be my first choice.

Maybe it's the coffee, or the anticipation of the voyage, but I've had a hard time sleeping. My internal clock doesn't know what time it is. Lots going on, I admit. My Book 4 of the SEAL Brotherhood, SEAL The Deal is out as of tomorrow officially, but came out last night. My narrator, JD Hart, even managed to find the time to create the amazing trailer for this new release:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxsteiBlsQ0&feature=youtu.be

JD also did the audio version of Accidental SEAL. What a labor of love that has been. One of the best parts of my cruise will also be to listen to the chapters in Fallen SEAL Legacy he has completed so we can have this out to everyone before Christmas, God willing.

While one door opens, another has closed. I'm really feeling this next book, and it started yesterday as I was wandering down the cobblestoned alleyways in Savona, sipping cappuccino and loving the sounds of accents all around me.

My husband is studying his Portuguese for Brazil. I've made a study of Richard Burton (the explorer) for an upcoming time travel romance. The way he studied languages back in the 1860's, when he self-taught 27 languages good enough to be mistaken for a native, is what they teach at Penzler. Oh yes, I can feel him now in the archways and streets here he frequented.

Lots of luscious images and thoughts spinning around in my head. My SEALs will start their journey here, and, just like today, will be buying Ferrari jackets and warm clothes in preparation for their shipboard adventure. I'm right there with them. I can hardly wait.


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julie beasley - November 28, 2013

Glad your enjoying Italy. Throw a coin in the fountain for me. Enjoy your cruise you deserve it .

Sharon Hamilton - November 28, 2013

Thank you, Julie! So excited, I know that's why I haven't slept. Got up twice and took hot baths, and it didn't help. Finally just had to write, and that's what my body wanted, after all…Now why didn't I get that? Take care. Can't wait to post pictures of the ship.

Judy - November 29, 2013

How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it! Have fun! And Godspeed.

    Sharon Hamilton - November 29, 2013

    Thanks, Judy. Yes. We have so much to be grateful for. I have to pinch myself. I'm surrounded in color, and images of lives past and present.

Snoopyvet - November 30, 2013

So enjoying following your journey. Have a great journey. Can't wait to get my hands on the book from this trip

LD Masterson - December 5, 2013

Bon Voyage.


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