O is for O La La!

We had an unexpected fun day yesterday. After running some errands in the morning (I can spend a fortune in a tractor or farm supply store), we had lunch. Our latest Sunset Magazine was at the mailbox, and we noticed an article on Airstream Hotels. Yes, hotel rooms where you can rent an Airstream trailer for the night. Voila, there was one in Petaluma.

The Metro Hotel is a quaint little place south of town, and in the backyard there are two beautiful shiny Airstream trailers for rent. The hotel is done in French style, and O La La, did it get the ideas flowing. I've been looking for a writing cottage, even put a down payment on a shed. But now I want an Airstream in my backyard. To write in. To take naps in. To play great music in. To just daydream away from all the things in the house that take me away from my fantasy life. I want to write in a place where I don't pay bills, or do the business of being a writer.

But first, the Metro Hotel. The colors are inspiring. Look at that red, that brilliant blue. Look at the old piano and the antiques. they have an old child's desk in front of an old blackboard in a room overlooking gardens. All the eclectic things I love.
So, all the color got me thinking about Milk Paint (yes, made with milk, non-toxic, they say).  I found a paint store in San Rafael, JACKSONs, and O La La, what a place! Bought some bright red milk paint to try to match the outside of the Metro Hotel, and some bright orange, turquoise for the piano I'm going to paint and leave in my entryway. I've been trying to get rid of that big upright for over 2 years and don't want to pay to move it, or have it tuned. So, it's going to be painted turquoise or red and left in our entryway. And we're going to put a projector and screen and show movies there. Yes, in our entryway.
Looking at tractors and galvanized troughs for planting beds, tomato cages and special garden tools sends me into orgasmic fits of…..whatever. Working the soil does the same. Picking my organic flowers and vegetables too. But the thought of making my entryway an eclectic fun place to be, and having a writing cottage made out of an old Airstream excites me no end. We're even thinking about an Airstream campground on our property for guests. Writer's retreats? You name it, I'm excited by all the possibilities.
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julie beasley - April 21, 2013

Thats sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Years ago i read about a woman who had tea parties in an old train carriage. I love the idea of a colourful piano in your hallway, look forward to seeing the pics

    Sharon Hamilton - April 21, 2013

    We even have an old Nash convertable we want to turn into a planter one of these days. The old red paint is wonderful! Yes, I'll send the pix.

Judy - April 21, 2013

How fun!

    Sharon Hamilton - April 21, 2013

    Color brightens my soul. And finding new, unexpected things…

D.G. Hudson - April 21, 2013

I like that idea. Those shiny Airstreams have always called to me. . .

Raymond Alexander Kukkee - April 22, 2013

I really enjoyed this article. Anyone that loves tractor/feed stores, wants to paint old pianos, has orgasmic fits over garden tools and likes Airstream trailers– has their head in the right place. Love it! ":)

    Sharon Hamilton - April 23, 2013

    LOL, thanks Raymond. It was such an inspiring day and I'm glad you could enjoy some of the zaniness and miracle of it all…


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