Raining in California tonight

The rain started in big time about an hour ago. I'm working on SEAL Under Covers, and thinking about what I'm packing for the trip to Tucson on Friday.

Getting excited. They are expecting 100,000 readers over the weekend. Wow. Just Wow.

Very grateful for the beautiful gardens we are planning. The rainshower is like sent from Heaven, affirming what we're doing, wetting down everything I've planted to make our house and garden spectacular.

Have daffodil bulbs coming up all over the place. And this weekend, I'm going to meet new readers.

Great time to be alive. Many things to be thankful for. Stop by the Arizona Dreamin' booth if you're in the Tucson area.


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Judy - March 6, 2013


seelk - March 7, 2013

Have fun Sharon! I wish I lived closer!

Julia Rachel Barrett - March 8, 2013

Have fun, Sharon!

Sharon Hamilton - March 9, 2013

Thanks, Julia, Eniko and Judy. I'm here and so far, excited. All my luggage arrived. Whoo Hoo!!


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