Back into my Edit Cave

You probably won't see me for awhile. Back into an editing cave for a week+. Fallen SEAL Legacy is going into some heavier edits than I expected, but that's good news for readers. Won't be out in November. Now looking to December, but before Christmas.

Got the new cover for the prequel. Here's my favorite line from that one. He's just captured a drone in his right hand:

It was love at
first sight. And the feel of her quivering, humming plastic flesh in his hands
almost gave him a boner.
See you in a few days.
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Judy - November 7, 2012

Oh, boy. God bless good editors. 🙂

anyakelleye - November 8, 2012

Can't wait for Cooper! Sorry it's going to take longer but hey that just means it will be that much better. 🙂

Ooh, another Jimmy cover. Gorgeous! Love the line. Already sounds like and interesting story. heehee

Sharon Hamilton - November 8, 2012

Judy, you are so right. Good catches, and what's another 2-3 weeks, anyway, in the life of the book.

Anya, yes, another great JT cover. Why would I mess with success? And Kendra does such a great job.


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