Unlucky With Weather. Lucky In Love

My critique partner's daughter got married last summer. I think this is one of the funniest YouTubes out there. It went viral, wound up on America's Funniest Home Videos, the Ellen Degeneris show, and one guy from Africa pirated it and almost won second place in a wedding photo contest.

I do have permission to post this. But after all the attention last year, it was taken off for a bit. Well, now it's back. And I'm thrilled the couple allows us to share this with you. I wish all things on the internet were like this. But yes, I understand the rules.

It isn't a perfect world, is it? I watch this video and I'm reminded of my writing journey. Reminded of my 41 year marriage. Reminded of the ups and downs of raising 4 children. Reminded of all the best things in life, and all the little detours and unexpected paths that give us all that richness and meaning.

I've learned not to react so much. Oh, but I still do now and then. I've learned that I'm human, not perfect, and not going to ever have a day where everything goes 100% the way it should.

I do know that my life is pretty darned good. That most people would trade places with me. That looking across the dining table at my 3 year old granddaughter, who has just spilled her Lucky Stars soup all over my tablecloth and my Persian rug, I know the most important thing about this moment is her beautiful smile. Devilish as it is.

So I guess being unlucky sometimes means I enjoy the lucky things even more. What about you?

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And thank you!

Sharon Hamilton

Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.

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Judy - July 25, 2012

So, has the bad luck run out finally? LOL! At least they know how to laugh at themselves, which will help in the long run. Thanks for sharing. So glad you're able to post again. Wow.

    Sharon Hamilton - July 25, 2012

    Thanks, Judy. Had a response posted a couple of hours ago and Poof it's gone.
    I do love how these two kids are able to laugh. That will take them very far.

Jane - July 25, 2012

Life is truly what you make it Sharon, and I've learned recently that to truly have a beautiful happy life we have to go through some tough times, how could we possibly appreciate the joys in life if it were always sunny, flowers would die, wilt as there was no rain, instead I've learned to throw on my boots and jump in the puddles, as this too shall pass and then the glorious rainbow comes in it's place. HUGS.

    Sharon Hamilton - July 25, 2012

    So true, Jane. Can't have the rainbows without the rain. Very well said.

Arletta Dawdy - July 25, 2012

Sharon, I am delighted to see the wedding again. The last few years have presented challenges for you and your family. You are a blossoming beauty now…healthier, happier and a wildly successful writer! Good for you, my friend!
Love, Arletta

    Sharon Hamilton - July 25, 2012

    Thanks, Arletta. I am truly the lucky one to call you friend.

Anonymous - July 25, 2012

Thanks, Sharon. I needed to hear your words of wisdom. And of course the wedding video is wonderful!

    Sharon Hamilton - July 25, 2012

    Thanks for that. I hope you'll stop back again for another visit.

Arlee Bird - July 26, 2012

41 years of marriage is a commendable feat and you are to be congratulated. I'm into 15 years of my third marriage. I suppose I could make it to 41 years if I live into my 80s and stay married. I've had a great life though and I'm not going to complain.

Wrote By Rote

    Sharon Hamilton - July 26, 2012

    Arlee, well at least you believe in the institution! That is saying more than a whole lot of married folks I know. Some would say you're "perfecting your craft." Nothing wrong with the variety, either. I just happen to be lucky, truly lucky. And at the times when I wanted to give up, he didn't. My dad got re-married at 80, bless his soul. He calls it "being married for 60 years" and I think he's right.

cleemckenzie - July 26, 2012

That marriage has to last! They both have a great outlook on life and man can they take a joke from mother nature.

Thanks for the video and thanks for stopping in at the A to Z Road Trip to leave a comment.

    Sharon Hamilton - July 26, 2012

    I so agree. There is so much to laugh about. Feel free to share the video. I have received permission. Just give credit the blog.

    A to Z has been a most wonderful ride. Get to meet so many wonderful travelers, such as yourself. I hope you'll come back.

bn100 - July 27, 2012

Fun video. I think that's a great attitude to have.


    Sharon Hamilton - July 27, 2012

    Isn't it? Certainly what they are going to need. I think I appreciate it more for what went wrong, as Arletta said, than for what went right.

nutschell - July 30, 2012

Wohoo! 41 years. Congrats and here's to many, many more!

    Sharon Hamilton - July 30, 2012

    Thanks so much. I don't have too many scars, yet!


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