Just Isn’t Fair: I Get to Live In California

I know, call me crazy. But I do love this whacky place. Every time I think about leaving, I wonder if anywhere else would just seem, well, dull.

I have never had to work so hard for so little here, too. But I do enjoy the people. Some of the people anyway. I love street faires, farmer's markets, craft faires.

My husband and I took all 4 of the kids on the Golden Gate Bridge the last time there was a celebration–and the span between the two towers literally flattened. By the time we all realized it, there was such a crowd, we couldn't get off the structure. A big black guy shouted ahead of us, made a space so we could walk through the crowd behind him with our double stroller.

I've walked on Doyle Drive, named after a businessman from Santa Rosa, who was one of the top hats you see pictured on the Opening Day almost 100 years ago.

Last week we had the AmGen tour start here in Santa Rosa. Today, it was the Bay to Breakers. Northern Californians are a different lot. We don't need much to celebrate. In fact, we don't need to wear much clothing, either! I digress.

Back to the Amgen day on Mother's Day. I had a blast. From the guys blending their own smoothies with their Safeway Trainers in tow, to the odd Pedal Cars and Paella Guy, it was a feast of the senses. And that was before the cyclists (sorry about the hairy guy's arm. I'm not a professional photographer, can you tell?).

Yes, we are an eclectic group, a huge financial disaster looming right on the horizon. Real Estate prices at historic lows (we can help you there), and our governor we used to call (in the day), Governor Moonbeam.

On the brink of disaster, we have Facebook's IPO, and a Silicon Valley that is going strong, despite rumors of it's demise.

I just found out we have a local Roller Blade team, and one of the gals is a tenant of mine! I can see a romance novel brewing.

After all, in this place of so many contrasts, it is perfect fodder for my writer's brain. So next time I consider leaving, would you please spank me?

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WriterGirl - May 20, 2012

Love your post, Sharon!! Awesome! And the batman pic is FAB!! Miss seeing you! Hope you are doing well!

Ann Philipp - May 20, 2012

There's no place like home.

Judy - May 20, 2012

LOL! I miss my visits to CA! Though I went to L.A., visiting friends. I had a dear friend who insisted on picking up at the airport afterward, because she loved what I was like after only a few days away. A lot of life is how you look at it.

shelly - May 21, 2012

Florida is full of cracker-redneck-hicks. There's lots of fodder on the southern-east coast, too.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee - May 21, 2012

Sharon, home is where you make it, that might include where you get spanked AND hang your hat. There are good people everywhere but the best weather is in Cali, no doubt about it. ":)

Julia Rachel Barrett - May 23, 2012

I know… not fair at all.

Crack You Whip - May 23, 2012

I've been to LA, San Francisco and Sonoma. I fell in love with it all. I would love to have a second home there!

Haddock - May 24, 2012

That "special" cycle looks intriguing.
The last pic reminded me of the number of Batman cartoons that I read as a kid 🙂

nutschell - May 25, 2012

I love the pictures! And we are lucky to be living in sunny CA!

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