My daughter and her husband gave me the registration to the Windsor Green Race as a birthday present. I walked the 5k and finished just under an hour, pushing our granddaughter.

There were ten thousand people here today. I watched a ten year old cross the finish line. Girls That Run had 238 girls from 17 different elementary schools, all wearing green tee shirts. I met the Kitchen Connection, a group of ladies who get together and cook at each other's houses.

There were about seven hot air balloons. People cheered us across the finish line, whether we were walking or running.

These lovely ladies from San Jose were out for a girls' weekend. Their shirts say Run Now, Wine Later. Hola!
Since it was the day after the
world was supposed to end, some came with an attitude. This lady's tee read: Twin Moms, Twice the Fun and Twice as Fast.

We were serenaded by a mariachi band half way through. This guy treated us to reggae.

Someone ran with a bridal veil. All very good fun, and for a good cause: raising money for the Windsor School District. Afterwards the local firemen dished up pancakes and scrambled eggs, and lots of smiles.
Well, I stayed away from the pancakes, but couldn't help myself. This guy came in first, and was nice enough to pose for me.
Boy, the things we gotta do to get our stories….
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nutschell - May 23, 2011

Sounds like you had great fun! I remember my first ever 5K race. It felt like such an achievement crossing that finish line. 🙂

Sharon Hamilton - May 23, 2011

It was. I am a little sore today, probably not as sore as my daughter, who did the half.

Afterwards, I felt great.

Nice to see you today.

Julia Barrett - May 24, 2011

What fun! And what great photos!

Sharon Hamilton - May 24, 2011

Julia, it was so much fun. I might even get into the running thing. My daughter really loves it.


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