SEAL My Love

Tropical Trysts Anthology (SEAL Brotherhood Novella)

Navy SEAL Trace Bennett has just transferred from his east coast team to join Kyle’s SEAL Team 3. Newly divorced, he’s hoping the change in locale will bring back his mojo for life. He needs his brothers more than ever before, but he struggles with physical effects of being a SEAL for nearly ten years. They call him the “old man” and invite him to a Team vacation in Hawaii with several others and their wives.

Gretchen Sanders, sister of Team Guy Tyler Gray’s wife Kate, is invited to the islands on her first vacation alone without her three girls. Formerly married to a professional basketball player who outed his affair with a dancer on national television, she has focused on her girls and never been tempted to date again—until she looks into the blue eyes of this older SEAL.

Will their Tropical Tryst bring more than thunder and lightning? Or is it something real that they can build on?

Prequel novella. Full-length novel coming in 2018.