• Interview with Lori Foster (2016)



2016 Romancing the Vines
2016 Romancing the Vines


Sharon Hamilton with Kris Tualla and Morgan Kearns
Kris Tualla and Morgan Kearns at Tucson Festival of Books


Sharon Hamilton with J.D. Hart
Me and J.D. Hart at the IRC Convention, messing around and giving our talk on audio books. He’s playing a racy excerpt on his phone he recorded for the event. People loved it.

Sharon Hamilton with Susan Smith, J.M. Madden and readers
Susan Smith, (Karen Henderson from my Street Team), J.M. Madden, at IRC in Nashville with Readers.

Sharon Hamilton with J.M. Madden
Me and J.M. Madden at IRC

Sharon Hamilton with J.D. Hart
The princess and the pirate, at IRC in Nashville

Sharon Hamilton with book cover models
Cover models at Jimmy Thomas’ convention. The one on the right, Justin, became my model in the website and was on SEAL’s Goal, the novella for Bella Andre’s Kindle Worlds.

Sharon Hamilton with Jax
RNC: Me and Jax, Jimmy’s most popular female cover model, at my book signing display

Sharon Hamilton with Kresley Cole
Me and Kressley Cole from RT

Sharon Hamilton with Marina Adair and Hannah Swartz
NYT/USA Today author Marina Adair, Hannah Swartz and me at RT

Sharon Hamilton with Danny SEAL Buster
Me and Danny “SEAL Buster” from the TV series. Famous for busting fake SEALs. His son (also a SEAL) married Danny Dietz’ widow (Danny was the radio man on Lone Survivor). He knew Jesse Ventura and had some colorful words for him.