Sundays With Sharon: Life in the Fast Lane & Icebucket Challenge!





It was the summer of 1966 and I walked down the streets of the Haight-Ashbury, inhaling all the scents of the time, the music and all the colors. I’d never known a place that had taken on a personality, like some living being. I got sent home from work for wearing a mini skirt, a good 4” above my knees. I can remember the first pants suits being sold in the department stores. A group of new Freshmen at Stanford picked a few of us out of our high school yearbooks and it was the first time I met someone who lived in New York City. He talked funny.


That was the summer I was kissed for the first time. He was my best friend’s boyfriend and he did it at her request so I wouldn’t have to say “never been kissed.” Three boys from my high school class were killed in Vietnam that summer. Two kids died of overdoses and several in car accidents. I told the minister’s son I’d had a crush on him for three years. My hands were stained from cutting apricots all summer long. The fields were bright orange with the drying fruit as we drove by. My little brother pitched a no-hitter and got written up in the paper. We had a serial running in the school paper I was editor of, written a la Ian Fleming, including our superhero, Ferdinand, the teacher we used to sit and mark down how many times he said utilize in History class.



I told my English teacher he should marry me (yes I did). I hitchhiked in Mexico and met two boys from LA who drove the longest candy apple red Caddy convertible I’d ever seen. I slept in a fisherman’s trailer at a little village. My friend’s little brother borrowed his car, had a small accident with it. The Bonneville without the rear passenger door was convenient for picking up hitchhikers. I carved my initials into an oak tree at the golf course because I thought I was in love.  Saw my great grandfather’s church in a museum in Nebraska.

People often ask me where I get my story ideas. That’s where.

Ice Bucket Challenge:

This week, I was challenged to the ALS Icebucket Challenge by Kris Calvert.  I accepted, and put my own spin on the challenge!  If you would like to donate, visit the ALS Site.


1 lucky commenter (US only) will win the copy of Cruisin' For A Seal featured in the Icebucket Challenge Video!  So, leave a comment to win, must be 18 or older.  Contest will run from today, Sunday August 24 through next Saturday, August 30 at midnight.

Leave your comment below to enter!

Thanks for joining me today for Sundays with Sharon!

Sharon Hamilton

  • Mary Mooney

    Love that spin on the challenge. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tracey Parker

    Wow what a group of memories! You have seen, been around, heard a lot of things!
    I loved your challenge, very creative! Would love to win a copy! Thanks for sharing quite abit today. *hugs*

  • heather

    I would love to win. Who was the guy pouring the water on you?

  • Tina M

    Great way to do the challenge.. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  • Shelly W

    Awesome creative Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • Karen

    The things you have seen and done make for both great memories and great stories. I already have Cruisin for a Seal but anyone that doesn't it's one of my favorites of Sharon's so be sure and leave a comment for a chance to read this great book. I am so glad you started doing Sundays with Sharon. I really look forward to these weekly posts. I loved how creative you were with the challenge and didn't show just your support for ALS but also our soldiers.
    Can't wait to see you next month at IRC. Hugs till next Sunday

  • Terri Carle

    I love this! I would do a challenge but don't have the followers you have to donate. Will share yours on my page 🙂

  • Robin Henley

    Thank u for sharing. U have such a way with words. Such a difference from when I grew up. Loved ur ice bucket challenge. Very creative.

  • Joan V.

    I love your memories. I wish I had been 1/2 as adventurous as you. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lisa Cisneros

    I loved your trip down memory lane.
    I was only 3 in 1966, so I enjoy seeing how someone in their teens saw the world then.

  • Lourie Staib

    That is the most original ALS challenge video that I have seen.
    I loved it & hope to win, thanks for the chance.

  • Maria Mc

    Nice way to do the challenge!!

  • Sara S.

    Great memories, thank you for sharing them with us both here and as inspiration for the stories you write. Good for you changing up the challenge as well!

  • julie

    nice memories Sharon and loved the Ice challenge

  • Diana Huffer

    I have seen a lot of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges this week but I must say, yours was the most creative! 😉

  • sherry gladden

    Oh, you brought back good times for me….the '60s….full of life and love.

  • Bonnie Hilligoss

    Amazing Ice Bucket Challenge video! Not sure I would have been so brave!!

  • Karen

    heather I'm glad you asked I forgot to ask who that was. I really liked his tattoos

  • thank you a worthy cause!

  • Loved every minute of it!

  • That's Erik, my new personal trainer!!

  • LOL knew the tats would get your attention, Karen!

  • You are welcome, Tina. Thanks for being here today!!

  • Youknow me, trying to be different!

  • Awwww. Thank you, Karen. It will be wonderful to see you in Nashville.

  • Please do!! Anyone/everyone can!!

  • Lori, my pleasure! I tickle myself sometimes. That was one of them.

  • Thank you, Maria! So glad you guys liked it.

  • Thank you, Julie. I haveso much stuff in my head, hard to pick just one coherent thought!

  • Amber

    Love it! I've seen a lot and yours is very creative! 🙂

  • Sharon Extine

    Hi Sharon,
    Loved your ALS video. Very original. Thanks for having the giveaway. Would love to win.

  • Jackie Wisherd

    I would love to read one of your books about Seals. Living in a town near a Naval Base I have become acquainted with a Navy Seal and think that they are very special people.I have not read many stories with Service people in them.

  • Linda Townsend

    I love your spin on the challenge!

  • Jana L

    Enjoyed the post. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Christine

    Thanks for sharing your memories – they are fascinating! Really enjoy your Sunday's with Sharon posts. Have a great week!

  • Connie Wilkinson

    I didn't turn 15 until Sept. of 1966 so I only got to experience maybe 40% of what you did; but that might have had to do with where in the country I lived and my shy nature. My parents dragged me to Mass. to see the replica of the Mayflower that year, also Plymouth Rock. I remember listening on the radio on the ride up about Richard Speck and all those nurses he killed in Chicago. Got my 1st monthly visit and bad case of sunburn. That put me off traveling again for another 10 years, then I went to Florida and got sunburned again (on the ride down and in a closed car no less.) I burn easily and the sun was facing my side of the car. {:-)
    Oh, and in my case it was peaches instead of apricots. My grandmother was big on doing all her own canning from her own backyard garden. We did a lot of apples too.

    Have a kindle copy of Cruisin' for a Seal but would love to get a printed copy so I'll be able to read it years from now when kindle format has gone the way of the dodo (at the present rate of technology change.) Besides I read several books a day and power runs out too fast. I don't like having to wait on recharges.

    Please keep writing more 'SEAL' stories. I already have all you have already written and can't wait for more.

    Thanks, Connie
    PS: I buy all my books through Amazon's Wounded Warrior Project site.

  • Brandi

    Love all the stuff that you've done & seen. How many times did you tell the minister's son you had a crush on him for 3years? Cuz I see it twice on your list 😉 LOL! Must've been some crush. <3

    Great Ice Bucket challenge vid! It was different, but worth it for a good cause. =) Wish we could've seen more of the fella pourin stuff on ya lol.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Take care & I hope you have a great day!
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  • Kim R

    That was awesome! the second thing I thought about was wouldn't it be cool to auction the book. This is just as good. Thanks!!

  • I loved that! It was amazing how you kept reading despite all the things being dropped on your head! So, did the eggs help to condition your hair (I've heard this suggestion)? 🙂

  • Thank you, Robin. I had fun!!

  • Joan, funny how we think we've had such a dull life. Gift of years, that's all I can say! Oh the hitchhiking in Mexio was definitely scarry. But I survived.

  • LOL. It was a magical time.

  • Lourie, Thank you so much. I tried to take a different slant on it just for fun. The challenge from my girlfriend from Kentucky boosted my confidence.

  • Thank you, Sara!!

  • Oh, you made my day!! Feel free to share!!

  • Sherry, another fellow traveler and flower child. It was an amazing time to be a teen.

  • Bonnie, I won't do it again, that's for sure. Well, not for awhile anyway. And it depends on the cause too!

  • Thank you, Amber. So glad it took fire. Yes, wanted to stand out.

  • Thank you, Sharon. The book came out surprisingly well!!

  • They are special men. I love them dearly. Those I don't have the priviledge to know, I dream fondly of!!

  • Thank you, Linda. I tried. Thanks for showing up! Not a performance without an audience!

  • You are welcome, Jane.

  • Thank you, Christine! We're enoying doing these, too. Little way to stay in touch with all my favorite people!!

  • Thank you so much, Connie. A real honor to read a note like yours. I intend on keeping writing the SEALs until people rise up and say "enough". There just are so many stories to tell!

  • Brandi, LOL on the minister's son. That was supposed to get edited, but somehow got missed. I even had his name "salted" on the outside of my binder. Do you remember hearing about those? And he saw my notebook one day, so I told him. I was so embarassed. Later, we went to prom together and it was a night of magic arranged by our mothers. He had a girlfriend, and I needed a date for the Senior Prom so it was arranged. I was in heaven.

  • Becky pancoast

    Haha love your spin on the challenge :)…. I just love when I find your emails in my mail box I always look forward to reading them 🙂 .. Thank you for this chance

  • Tina

    cool! !!! Loved your originality.

  • Karen

    Are you bringing him to IRC he can train all of us lol

  • Layla Darnell

    You rocked the ice bucket challenge, very creative and glad the book dried out lol

  • Great minds think alike!!

  • We went through this Brazilian "King Neptune" ritual last December when we took a cruise from Italy to Rio. The egg, flour and salsa is what they do on board when they cross the Equator. I just did the Brazilian thing to the ice bucket to add a little "spice" like I like to do with my books! LOL.

  • Awww Becky. Thank you sooooo much. That just makes me feel wonderful! Thank you again.

  • My caligraphy skills suck, compared to some other ladies that came before me. But orginality? I think I got it in the genes. Thanks for showing up for me!

  • Very cute!!!

  • Thanks Layla!! It was fun and was for such a good cause!

  • Caitlyn Cooper

    OMG! Thats was a great ice bucket challenge. Very unique. At least you didn't have a 5 gallon bucket full of ice. Now that was cold but felt good since it has been hot here in Texas. The trips down memory lane sound like some of the best time ever.