Sharon Hamilton now on Pinterest!

Sharon Hamilton now on Pinterest!

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I did it, I joined this pinterest thing.  I'm not entirely sure how it works yet, but my assistants are helping me learn.  If you have any tips for me, leave them in the comments, and be sure to follow my pin boards!

Visit Sharon's profile on Pinterest.

  • Tracey Parker

    I am following you there. I have no idea how it works either, I am a newbie myself only a couple days of being on and still don't know how to do much of anything lol Good luck andbe thankful for your assistants lol I need some for all these online apps, too many.


  • Terri Carle

    YAY following!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Mc

    Following!! You will love it!! You can spend hrs on there following different people and boards..just remember Sharon..Keep writing out those Seals!!!

  • I will mess it up somehow. But we'll see…Yes, no playing. Writing!

  • Giving something new a try, but have to write!