SEAL's Goal: The Beautiful Game

SEAL's Goal

The Beautiful Game

A Kindle Worlds Novella


Published by Kindle WorldsPublish Date July 29, 2014Series: The Beautiful Game #1Length: Novella, 87 Pages

Book Summary

Professional Goalkeeper Patrick Harrington comes home to the U.S. from England to attend the funeral of his best friend, Navy SEAL Ryan Rosen. Ryan's fiancee is the girl who got away, the one he's been in love with ever since he set eyes on her in first grade. 

Stephanie Carter's world turns on it's axis when Ryan is removed from her life, but not from her heart. Ryan's best friend, Patrick, becomes her path to healing the Trident-shaped hole left behind. 

Compassion leads to passion as they find the possibility of a life together neither one planned, or ever dreamed could exist. Will Patrick's decision to join the Teams destroy their love and will her heart be able to handle a second loss? 

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  • Ginger Robertson

    Hi Sharon,

    I liked reading the blurb for Seal Goal and definitely look forward to reading Patrick and Stephanie's story.

    Congrats on your release.

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  • Starr

    Hi, Sharon:

    Will "Seal's Goal" be available for Nook readers?

  • Paula Cooke

    Why can't I buy it on amazon.ca

  • I'm not sure why it's not on Amazon.ca. I will check into it and get back to you.

  • Ok, so the Kindle Worlds is a US only test project, which is why it's only available in the US.